Biblically Sound Training

Biblically Sound Training

My name is Shanna Coker and I am from East Tennessee, US. I am married to my high school sweetheart, we have been married for 7 years now, and we have a beautiful 5-year-old daughter. My life can be crazy at times but I am so grateful from where God has brought me.

Growing up, my family didn’t talk about faith, God, etc. My father was an abusive drunk and my mother liked to stir the pot. I was very sick as a toddler ( 3 years old), I had what is called ITP. At the time, they had no idea about it, so I was having lots of tests run on me. I was always in and out of the hospital. I remember finally being home, yet I was still sick, and a Pastor and his deacons came to our house. They spoke with my parents and I remember them bringing me to the living room and sitting me down on the floor as they began to pray over me. I remember feeling a relief as they prayed. I was so young I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but I was so grateful, even then.

As I got older I began to seek out Christ, going to local churches and such. But it wasn’t until I was about 22 years old before I decided to turn my life over to Christ and be who He wants me to be.

I have always felt like God has had some kind of calling for me, I know he has something amazing in store for me. I am still not quite sure what it is exactly but I am so excited to find out. Ideally, what I would like to eventually be some type of Christian Counselor. I have always been the “Go To” person for anyone that needs advice, but I would love to be able to do that on an everyday basis with the most Biblically sound training preparation. Ultimately, I plan to take this blessing with Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and allow it to lead me where God wants me.

I happened upon CLI when trying to google free online bible study courses. And it is so hard for me to believe this opportunity is real because all I have ever wanted is to go to school to get Biblically sound training and further my knowledge of God’s Word and strengthen my faith. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been an option, due to my husbands off and on health conditions, we are a low-income family and being able to afford a Bible college was not in our budget.

We have decided for me to stay home officially,  and homeschool our daughter, which is very exciting and scary. But we want to be able to give her the most Biblically sound training as possible, and I feel that CLI is going to help me do that!

I also babysit 3-5 children through out the week and kind of do a pre-school type atmosphere with them, we learn Bible stories and songs and do lots of crafts to go along with the bible story. I just am so excited about  CLI. I am trying not to break down in tears of joy. I can not thank you all enough!

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