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Hello! My name is Sara Isabel Leitão Pedroso Crespo, and I am at CLI for biblical study for free. I am Portuguese and live in the suburbs of Lisbon. I am married and have three children.

Born in a Christian home, I grew up in the ways of God. In Portugal, we usually use the phrase, “I was born on the Sunday school benches.” I attended the Pentecostal church. When I was around 17, I started working on Sunday. At first, I couldn’t go to the late service because I was tired and didn’t feel like it. However, later I dated a boy who was not a Christian.

I know that the church does not save that it is God. However, your faith comes from hearing the word of God. Therefore, to let go of my church attendance, my fall was just a matter of time. God also didn’t want this courtship for me. Soon, I found out that he was dating other girls. I broke up with him.


For a long time, I was angry and hurt by everything and everyone. I think I got to the point of exhaustion. It was then that a co-worker started talking to me. One day, he asked me to marry him. For a long time, I said no, that I didn’t like him. However, he said he loved me enough for both of us. He kept insisting, so one day, I said yes.

After we married, I went back to church with my kids. However, I wasn’t feeling right with myself, and everything was a process. I had to forgive myself first before I felt forgiven by God.

Saved to Serve God

The years passed and I always asked God to save my husband. Then, 13 years after we married, he gave his life to Jesus at a Christmas party in the church. Two years later, he was baptized. That same year at a mission service, they asked who wanted to serve God. The Holy Spirit nudged me, and I presented my life to serve Him.

I helped in the church to organize Christmas parties and Easter gatherings. Later, they asked me to help with youth retreats to cook for them. It was very gratifying. However, God wanted something more from me. So I talked to the Leader. She told me to be a missionary here where I live. I agreed, not knowing if this was what God wanted. I prayed to God to show me what He wanted from me.

Finding Biblical Study for Free at CLI

A while later, I was invited to teach at a public school for classes in evangelical moral religion. It was then that the problem started. One cannot teach young people and children if one does not have a well-structured foundation.

I tried to study at a biblical institute, but due to la ack of financial funds, I had to leave. In desperation, I went to the internet to search for where to find biblical study for free. I found the leading site, the Christian Leaders Institute.

It is a great challenge for me. In addition to understanding spoken English, my written and spoken English is very weak. I am taking three more courses at CLI to be able to teach at school. Also, I would like to complete my master’s in management. However, first, I ask God. God has been teaching me to wait, that it is not in my time but in His time. So, God’s will be done and not mine.
May God continue to work in my “desert” as he shows me what God wants most of me. I pray for open doors from Him and that He gives me wisdom. God bless you and your work!

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