Bible School for Women

Bible School For Women

What does a Bible School for Women need to be like?  This Bible school would need to be flexible to meet the many expectations placed on women today. This Bible School for Women needs to be inexpensive or free. This Bible School needs to be online. Laura Masoner is a woman that found Christian Leaders Institute as a great option. Read her amazing story.

My name is Laura Masoner. I am a recent transplant in the city of Port St Lucie, Florida, USA, moving here from a small town in Maryland where I lived my previous 47 years. When I was a young mother of 2 very small children, by the prompting of the Holy Spirit I began to read a Bible that had been given to me as a gift. Although I’d grown up as a Catholic, I was not taught directly from scripture in my small church, I mostly learned about how to be a good Catholic and how obtaining the proper sacraments and confessing my sins regularly to the priests would get me into heaven. Subsequently, I became an atheist for several years beginning at age 14, but after the birth of my first child in my twenties, I knew that life was not an accident, nor was it happenstance. Searching for God in the pages of scripture one night, my eyes were suddenly opened and the years of sin and rebellion were miraculously forgiven and I felt clean, loved, wanted, and safe for the first time in my life.

After a number of years my walk turned lukewarm. Then I became gravely ill and was not expected to survive. I began to pray as I was rushed to the hospital and had a profound encounter with Christ. What He said in my heart was that He loved me, and that one day I’d stand before Him and I would give an account for the life that He’d given to me. A wave of sadness came over me because I had squandered the gifts with which I’d been blessed and wasted years living life selfishly in my own way. In spite of that, He loved me anyway, and I felt the love and sadness He had for me because I’d chosen so much less, and He had intended for me so much more. I did not pray that night for Him to spare my life because it was His to take and I knew I had nothing with which to bargain. I was not afraid to meet Him, but felt heart sick over how I’d been living. My prayer to Him was if He decided He wanted me to remain on earth, I would follow Him with my whole heart and I’d be “all in” for Christ.

Obviously I survived, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, He has nurtured me along the way and I have become more and more on fire for Him. I have always had a passion for teaching and writing, and have felt the urgency to pursue those callings. I am a life group leader in my local church which I love, but I know that I am still lacking in many areas. I work full time but do not make enough money to attend a Bible college or seminary. Every couple of years I would look on the internet for a Bible school for women or a distance learning opportunity that would meet my needs, and finally God answered my prayer in leading me to the Christian Leaders Institute. Having the scholarship will help me to push forward with the knowledge and training necessary to teach and spread the Word. Florida has a very transient population, I meet transplants routinely. There is a great harvest here for anyone who is willing to walk the path God has chosen for them.

Please pray that I will succeed according to His will. Learning has become more challenging for me since my illness because I was oxygen deficient for an extended period. I want so much to infuse His word into my DNA and breath in all that He has for me.

Women all over the world are finding Christian Leaders Institute to be a high quality Bible school for women. Click here if you want to find out the strategy of CLI and why we are determined to keep CLI free. 


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