Bible School Certificates – One of the key issues that has to be addressed at any Bible school is that of pastoring a church. In this final paper, Charles Davids reflects on the Bible school course Pastoral Care and Marriage, which he took at Christian Leaders Institute. One point that really struck home for him was the trust involved between a pastor and his congregation. He writes, “…the one that got my attention was, they trust you as a pastor. Looking at this, I can see why so many are bitter at the Church or at some pastors…” The understanding of the trust that the congregation has for their pastor will lead to a prayerful consideration of everything that church members bring to him. Later in his reflection, Charles writes, “…I find this course to be very powerful, and these resources that will last for a long time. Even after graduation I can see myself going back to these materials in the future.”Bible School

Bible School Certificates

Charles Davids started his Bible school experience with the course Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate. This class serves as an introduction for the students to the Christian Leaders Institute Bible school model, but it also serves as an introduction to the students for the staff. As he talks about what brought him to this Bible school, Charles writes, “…I’m currently living in Fort Lauderdale Florida and serving as a Deacon in my local church. Doing ministry in this great country is such a wonderful privilege, and I just give God the glory that he allowed me to be a part of this great movement of God… Serving as a Deacon I now see the need to move forward. I need the word. I need to study more. My dream now is to become a pastor.” It was the dream of becoming a pastor that drove Charles to pursue Bible school studies at Christian Leaders Institute, but without completing the Getting Started: Christian Basics Certificate class he never would have been able to discover the enduring lessons of Pastoral Care and Marriage. Many students do not proceed past the Getting Started course to the rest of the wonderful classes this Bible school has to offer, but Charles Davids and others like him are an encouragement to press on.

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