Bible Scholar Training

Bible Scholar Training

I am Tareen Jacob and I am receiving Bible Scholar training for free at Christian Leaders Institute. I am a Medical Doctor from Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. I was born into a Christian family and I don’t have particular events that brought me to the LORD. It was more like a gradual turning towards the cross.

I had my Premedical graduation from an institution started by Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder which is more than a century old. Of late, I find myself reading the Bible for many hours together in spite of a busy day’s schedule. I have been mysteriously pondering as to why it has become this way in my life. So I decided to get more in-depth knowledge about the Word of God that is able to save my soul through Jesus Christ!

Christian Leaders Institute was introduced to me by one of my Christian friends who is an aircraft pilot, a missionary, and a visionary leader. So I enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute to receive Bible scholar training to learn all that I can about ministry and Bible knowledge. Currently, I do not know exactly where this course of study will lead me to. But I feel this preparation time is not a waste of time but rather is to sharpen my knowledge and understanding of the word that was with God and is God himself, Jesus Christ. I want to grow in my daily walk with God and follow where He leads me.

My purpose is to be a bi-vocational Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon and a Bible Scholar. I want to lead a prayerful, humble, and talent utilizing life for my Savior. I want to be a musical man for HIS kingdom expansion!

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