Bible Education

Bible Education

My name is Ainsley Kyle Kistan and I am receiving a Bible education at CLI. I was born in Durban, South Africa and raised in South Africa. I was born to two loving parents who raised me from a young age in the ways of the Lord. I currently have a younger brother and also a very loving pet dog whom I cherish as he brings much joy to our little family. I have studied Hospitality and since graduation, God has opened up many doors for me to work all over the world: countries include The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Botswana and South Africa. With all the experience I have gained, I currently am climbing the corporate ladder with South Africa’s leading Hospitality Company as a Reservationist for a complex in Cape Town.

My Family have been believers and been involved in ministry for a few generations. My mother’s father is a pastor and my dad’s dad was a deacon. I grew up in the church. Just because one grows up in the church does not make them an automatic Christian. I had my fair share of struggles in life but God has shown me that I belong. I never felt lonely in His presence and church feels like home. I came to Christ as a teenager and got baptized later before I turned twenty. My relationship grew stronger with God when I left home to travel as I was alone with no family. He ensured that I was never alone and that I was always safe with Him. My walk today continues to grow stronger as I crave more of Him and less of me. He continues to challenge me and show me how strong I am in Him. The devil has his nasty little plans but when I am walking with God, nothing the devil throws at me will prevail.

I believe that as a Man of God I need to be equipped to face the world head-on. I come from a cell-based church that believes in people and grows people and develops long-lasting relationships with people. I will be using my scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute and the knowledge gained from it to become a part of the development of others, to start a cell group to walk beside others in faith, to gain and maintain Godly relationships. I want to encourage others, to be God’s hands and feet here on earth. There is also a need within the hospitality industry for good Godly influences. The service industry is challenging and to be able to influence and grow people who can place their struggles in the Lord instead of in the world is definitely a need. I want to bring God into this environment and show the people around me that with God all things are possible.

In this course of Bible education, I have been able to walk closer to God as this becomes a daily journey. At this point, at where I am, I believe that my journey needs to be a daily walk. As A Christian, my walk allows me to branch out in every department of the church. I have been through all the phases of growth within a church and as a practicing leader, I would love to continue on this journey to become a greater influence.

Having a Scholarship will help me be educated. I’ll be able to use this Bible education to further God’s kingdom. We are living in the last days and we see it all around us. With this time being at hand, I want to go to heaven with all the people I am able to touch and encourage. I want to be able to do the work of the kingdom and spread the gospel. I believe this course will help me in doing just that and more. Walking with God is a journey of discovering who I am in him and letting his word speak into my life. I want to carry this forward and allow others the opportunity to have God’s word speak life into them. I am ready to be the change in this dark world we live in.

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