Bible College - Gibson Lubasi Kalenga of Zambia

Bible College – Gibson of Zambia accepted the asked Jesus into his life at a young age. He wants to more then just be a believer, he wants to be a teacher for a  local Bible College. He shares about his experience at Christian Leaders Institue an online Bible College.

“My name is Gibson Lubasi Kalenga a Zambian citizen, living in Lusaka, Zambia is a developing country found in Cenral Africa with a population of about 13 million. We have 73 tribes and the people here are very friendly. In terms of the weather, it is also good, as it is balanced, it is not very hot and not very cold. And with the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation, I feel this is the place ideal for ministry work.

I came to know the lord through a renowned local preacher when I was still at School in the rural part of Livingstone City at a Mission School. His sermons were so touching and frightening, and this made me to accept Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour in 1978 in the Church of Christ.”

Gibson wants to be a teacher for a local Bible college.

“My Ministry dream is to be a Bible School teacher at a local Bible College. I feel this will make me achieve my goal. However to achieve this I will not only need experienced teachers but also spiritual guidance. And I have hope that one day this will come true.”

This online Bible College can give him what he needs to be a great teacher of the word.

“When I look at the CLI set-up as an online Bible College; the way they handle students, their experiences, how they lay their modules, how they explain the Bible and their teaching style, it is simply marvelous and unique. And I feel this is the right place for me to achieve what I want.”

In terms of prayers for me, please go ahead and pray for me. I should say this is what Christ left when he said “I don’t pray for you alone but also for others out there. In view of this please pray for me for physical strength because i like travelling to Gospel meetings,spiritual power, wisdom, courage and faith.

Yours in Christ,

Gibson Lubasi Kalenga”

Gibson has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to advance his Training to become a teacher at a local bible college thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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