Become Ordained in Iowa – A Path to Ordination

Are you ready to embark on the pastoral journey of becoming a wedding officiant in Iowa? Or perhaps, you’re feeling the inviting Midwest wind guiding you towards roles such as a ministry chaplain, a coaching minister, or a seasoned minister?

This article is your riverboat, steering you on your voyage towards ordination in Iowa, bolstered by the mutual support of the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA). We’ll chart the diverse roles you can aspire to with CLI and share an inspiring story of a Christian leader who successfully journeyed these waters.

Understanding Iowa’s Requirements:

To officiate weddings in the Hawkeye State, you need to align with the state’s specific laws and regulations. As per Iowa Code, Chapter 595.10, wedding officiants should be ordained by a recognized religious entity or be duly authorized to solemnize marriages. This program seamlessly aligns with these guidelines, ensuring your capacity to lead weddings amidst Iowa’s sweeping prairies and river valleys.

Expansive Christian Training with Christian Leaders Institute:

CLI provides a training program as vast as the Mississippi River, meeting Iowa’s prerequisites for wedding officiants. Transcending the often superficial “Online Only” courses, CLI nurtures a comprehensive ministry education and effective practical training. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of conducting wedding ceremonies, premarital counseling, and delivering heartfelt wedding messages. You’ll be equipped to lead weddings with the grace and professionalism required by Iowa law.

Flexible Timeline – Get Ordained in Iowa:

Just as the mighty Mississippi winds its way at its own pace, this program respects your unique timeline and the needs of those who may officiate weddings occasionally for loved ones. The licensing process requires less than ten hours of study, with only one recommendation. However, if you’re set on traversing greater heights and aiming for a higher ordination level, you will need to delve into more rigorous studies and secure additional recommendations.

The Significance of Credibility:

Your ordination gains recognition and credibility through your membership in the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA). This connection underscores your dedication to thorough training and endorsement from your local Christian community, verifying the authenticity of your ordination. By joining the CLA, Iowa wedding officiants can enhance their standing within the Christian community and increase their ministerial credibility.

Emphasizing Legitimacy:

In Iowa, where the bond of marriage is as cherished as the state’s rich heartland, it’s crucial for wedding officiants to uphold legitimacy. Couples need the assurance that their wedding officiant is sufficiently trained, holds the necessary credentials, and fulfills the state’s legal obligations. By choosing CLI and CLA, aspiring wedding officiants in Iowa can offer professional and respectable services that honor the sanctity of marriage and align with the law.


Becoming a licensed Christian wedding officiant in Iowa involves understanding and complying with the specific requirements of Iowa Code, Chapter 595.10. CLI and CLA offer a reliable compass for this journey, providing comprehensive training, personalized support, and recognition from the broader Christian community.

By selecting CLI and CLA, individuals in Iowa can be confident that they are well-prepared to meet the state’s demands, uphold the highest integrity, and provide professional wedding officiation services, all in accordance with Iowa law. Embark on your expedition to create lasting memories and make a significant impact as a licensed Christian wedding officiant in Iowa, with the guidance of the Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance.

Quick About Us – Who are We?

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) has been providing Biblical free ministry training through its “give it forward” program since 2006. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of accounts have been created. CLI offers various recognitions, including awards, certificates, and diplomas, through its Christian Development School. Additionally, CLI provides college degrees through its Leadership Excellence School, known as CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLI) is a strategic partner of CLI and operates an international Global Ministers Commission. This commission oversees the ordination path for clergy in various ministerial roles, based on their studies and recommendations. Since 2014, thousands of officiants, ministers, and ministry chaplains have been credentialed and are serving their communities. See Directory. Christian Leaders Alliance also manages Soul Centers, where credentialed ministers can register their local geographic ministries, if they choose to do so.

Begin your Ordination Journey: Follow these steps:

  1. Create a free study account with the Christian Leaders Institute and get familiar with the Study.christianleaders.org platform.  
  2. Enroll in the Christian Wedding Officiant Skills course and commence your training.
  3. After completing the Skills course, you will enroll in the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Class. This class recognizes your online training and completes your ordination into a local geographic endorsement-based ordination credential. You will be listed in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory, and you may order your ordination credentials. You are eligible to register a local ministry at a Soul Center.

Become Ordained in Iowa – Roles Available.

Are you looking to extend your ministry roots deep into the fertile soil of Iowa? Whether your heart yearns for the nurturing role of a wedding officiant or the adventurous path of other ministerial roles, the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) stand as your dependable cornfield guides. Let’s venture into the breathtaking landscape of opportunities spread before you:

Wedding Officiant: Picture yourself as a wise river guide, steering couples through the significant journey of marriage. By becoming ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance, you can legally perform wedding ceremonies in Iowa, helping love bloom like the state’s famous wild prairie roses.

Field Minister: If your time to devote to study is like Iowa’s precious golden cornfields – limited but valuable – the Field Minister role is your treasure map. CLI offers free introductory courses, providing a solid foundation for lay ministers, church elders, and deacons, letting you serve your community like the mighty Mississippi serves its riverbanks.

Licensed Minister: If you seek to delve into the lush prairie of ministerial roles, the Licensed Minister program is your trusty compass. Thirteen credits of in-depth study and six mini-courses will navigate you deeper into the wilderness of ministerial knowledge, readying you to serve in various capacities.

Licensed Coaching Minister: For those drawn to the blend of coaching techniques and ministry, like Iowa’s unique fusion of prairies and rolling hills, the Coaching Minister role is your trail. Two free coaching courses, fifteen credits, and six mini-courses will equip you to lead effectively through coaching.

Licensed Ministry Chaplain: As a beacon atop one of Iowa’s beautiful limestone bluffs, a Licensed Ministry Chaplain can provide much-needed spiritual care in places such as hospitals or correctional facilities. Eighteen credits and six mini-courses will prepare you to be a lighthouse in life’s storms for those in need.

Ordained Minister: For those eager to scale the highest peaks of ministry or seeking comprehensive training, the Ordained Minister role stands tall as Iowa’s lofty Hawkeye Point. With 21 credits and seven mini-courses, your journey is well-prepared, enhancing your ministerial abilities and revealing new panoramas of service in Iowa.


Prepare to seed your ministry across Iowa’s diverse landscape, guided by the Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance. From the role of a wedding officiant to that of a licensed ministry chaplain, these programs provide the tools and maps for your adventurous journey through the ministerial wilderness.

As you set foot on the trail, let the encouraging words of Philippians 4:13 act as your water bottle, quenching your spiritual thirst: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Though filled with rolling hills and flowing rivers, your expedition is under God’s guidance and fortified by the teachings of CLI and CLA.

As a minister, you share the good news, much like a farmer revealing Iowa’s bountiful harvest. Informed by Isaiah 61:1, let your ministry be a beacon of hope for the downtrodden, just as the first light of dawn illuminates Iowa’s vast prairie.

So grab your hiking boots, chart your course, and expand your ministry’s horizons in Iowa through the programs offered by the Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance. With God as your North Star and the backing of these reputable organizations, you can fulfill your ministerial aspirations, serving as a guiding light in Iowa’s vibrant spiritual landscape.

Become Ordained in Iowa – A Testimony

My name is Marina Raices. I am 30 years old and live in the state of Iowa. Despite dropping out of high school in the 10th grade, residing in the US has provided me with opportunities for study and growth, given the liberties of this free country.

My spiritual journey began at a very young age. When I was six years old, I made a prayer that still rings true to me. I prayed, “God, if you tell me you are real, I will tell everyone about you.” Shortly after, God became real to me in an unexpected way. I was attacked by demonic forces, and upon seeking help from a priest, I was delivered from this torment. This experience, frightening though it was, left me with an unshakable faith in God’s reality.

In high school, I experienced significant challenges, with bullying leading to suicidal thoughts and an attempt to take my own life. I got into drugs and alcohol, and although programs like AA and NA offered some help, my soul thirsted for something more profound than they could provide. Today, I manage a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder-bipolar type with medication and unwavering faith in God as my healer and redeemer.

I didn’t truly discover Jesus until I was around 14 or 15. Even then, I often found myself being the friend who would always bring up Jesus, saying things like “Jesus wouldn’t like that,” half-jokingly. When I said the sinner’s prayer at 18, my life changed dramatically. I remember my heart pounding, filled with an undeniable sense of Jesus’ love for me.

A significant part of my spiritual journey involved a close friend and her mother. We would go to church on Sundays, and I eagerly absorbed the gospel they shared. Sadly, my friend passed away in 2012. It was a humbling experience that still affects me deeply. I cherish our time together, always remembering how she’d tease me about my faith, saying, “you and your Jesus.”

More recently, in 2021, I encountered another friend evangelizing outside my apartment building. She introduced me to her home church and brought me to church retreats, providing a welcome opportunity to meet like-minded friends.

My spiritual dream is to serve as a Minister or Chaplain, with the single-minded goal of bringing as many people to Christ as possible. For me, it’s not about the money or the title; my passion lies in guiding others to the Lord so they may be saved.

Christian Leaders Institute has played a crucial role in my spiritual development. The program has expanded my understanding of God and the Bible, fostering growth in my Christian life. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and excited to see where the journey takes me within this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Christian Leaders Institute funded? Christian Leaders Institute is funded through a “Give It Forward” Approach. Click here to read more.

Can I register my church or religious society under the banner of Christian Leaders Alliance? Yes. Locally registered Soul Centers are being register all over the world. Click here to read more.

Can I receive a College degree after I enroll at Christian Leaders Institute? 

At Christian Leaders Institute, our college degrees are offered through our Leadership Excellence School. We provide access to both Associate Degrees and Bachelor Degrees. To begin our degree program, you must first enroll as a student in our School of Christian Development. Every student starts by creating a study account at the Christian Development school. Once you complete the “Getting Started” class, you can proceed to enroll in our Leadership Excellence School, where our degree programs are hosted.. Click here to set up you account. 

This degree is ideal for those who desire to pursue their Master’s Degree with one of our partner Seminaries like North Point Bible College and SeminaryKairos University, Calvin, Western, Northern, and more.

Christian Leaders Institute is your access or gateway many professional ministry opportunity.

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