Answering God's Calling

Hi! I am Kelley Kain, and I live in sunny Arizona, the United States of America. As the mom to two sons, wife to my husband, and soulmate of over 20 years, I wear many hats. I am a Bible study leader, writer, author, educator, captain of a healing circus, songwriter, and business process manager. Studying at the Christian Leaders Institute is part of answering God’s calling.

My Journey to Answering God’s Calling

I met Jesus for the first time in January 1999 as a college student at the University of Arizona. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a Minor in Religious Studies and went into science research. Not long after I entered my post-graduation work world, I knew I was to work with people more directly.

At that time, I began teaching high school science and returned to school to earn my teaching certification. I earned my Master of Education from Grand Canyon University in May 2006. Teaching led me to realize my love of God and passion for empowering people could be combined. Therefore, I prayerfully acquired knowledge and equipped myself to speak and write as God called me. At this point, I became fearful and did not step into my calling. I was raising a young family and poured myself into our local church body, thinking that was enough and would be an okay trade for my calling to speak of God and write to empower others.

I volunteered for almost two decades in the nursery, women’s, and worship arts/tech ministries at my local fellowship. Further, I had the pleasure of weekly proofreading the sermon and assembling the Sunday bulletin. During this time, I was invested in growth and learning through conferences and Bible studies.

A Life-Altering Experience

In June 2016, I had a life-altering incident where someone kidnapped, assaulted, and raped me in broad daylight. God came to my rescue in the middle of that experience. His unmistakable rescue of me is what allows me to write this today. My assailant did not plan to leave me alive, and just as I thought I would never see my family again, there was the calm but loud voice of the Holy Spirit that told me I would be okay and to close my eyes. I did precisely that.

As I prayed, an undeniable presence entered the scene in a brilliance I could see through my closed eyes. I was at complete peace. My assailant immediately backed off. When the brightness vanished, I opened my eyes to see my assailant looking terrified and ashen white as though he had seen something much more terrifying than a ghost. I knew God sent one of His angel armies to protect me then. My assailant left me alive, and through medical help, counseling, and God’s promise to never leave me nor forsake me, I can write this today.

My Journey to Full Surrender

God called me into ministry service in March 2018 at a Women’s Retreat. There, I had an undeniable experience with the Holy Spirit while praying. I prayed with my leaders at the event, and they, too, spoke wisdom and confirmation into my soul. Excited and apprehensive, I attended the Christian Women’s Leadership Center through WMU to become a better-equipped leader. I earned my leadership certificate, which I thought would alleviate my fear of speaking and ministry. However, it did not. I had to press into God and face my fear, lay down my pride, and realize that God would equip me as He had called me. In August 2020, I received baptism after finally coming to peace with my millions of questions and my skeptical journey with God, which allowed me to surrender in complete trust.

Then, in November 2022, while sitting at my weekly women’s Bible Study, what God had spent years, months, and weeks speaking to me about through the Holy Spirit, which I had not shared with anyone, was now being discussed at Bible Study. I could no longer ignore my calling by doing other things in service. At that point, I prayerfully asked forgiveness for my stubbornness and fear and stepped into penning the scripture study journal collection God had called me to write. I published the series throughout 2023.

Answering God’s Calling and Study at CLI

In May 2023, my family and I entered a new church fellowship. This was a journey that I had no idea would lead me straight into the calling for my life. God knew my heart and orchestrated something unimaginable and undeniable. In June 2023, I met a worship minister one evening while working on my last journal at the church and waiting for my sons to finish youth group. Little did I know this worship minister was the person I was supposed to meet, so I would step into my ministry calling of speaking.

Since June of 2023, I have been part of a healing artist ministry where worship songs are written and performances are used to share the love of Christ with our community. God knew my mission-minded heart and passion for my community. Further, God knew He had called me into ministry. In this opportunity as captain of a circus, I have grown as a speaker and a leader. I also shared my Jesus journey with the worship minister/organization owner, and he confirmed my calling again. He encouraged me in answering God’s calling and offered to mentor me. This is what led me to investigate the Christian Leaders Institute.

CLI is part of my journey to step into my ministry calling to speak of God and empower others to find the truth. I aim to increase my knowledge of God and pursue my ordained minister credential. Then, I can show up fully for others as God has called me.

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