Affordable Bible School Training

Affordable Bible School Training – Pastoral/Evangelism.

Affordable Bible School Training

When leaders are  called into ministry, they often do not pursue it because they cannot find an Affordable Bible School Training option. Christian Leaders Insitute has been supplying this option for over a decade. Here is another story…

Hello, my name is Micha Rider I am 38 years old married 10+ years and have one son. I was born and raised most my life in southern Louisiana. My father was a Baptist preacher for 30+ years and later became a missionary to the 10-40 window. I was raised in a Godly home, I attended and graduated from a Christian School and later went off to Bible college which sadly I did not complete.

As a preacher’s kid, of course, I was in Church every time the doors swung open, and I was saved at a younger age, so I was told by my parents. At the age of 19 years old sitting in a revival service the Lord begin to tug at my heart regarding salvation, it was at that point that I realised that my getting “saved” was just merely just going through the motions rather than a heart decision. I made my way down to the alter that night and with my heart accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior not because it was the thing to do but because I realized that I need Him and without Him, I was lost and on my way to hell. Later on, the Lord started dealing with me about the calling he had on my life, and I surrender my life to Him to preach.

Through the years I got off track got out of Church and like Jonah I began to run from God but nowhere I went no matter what I did I could never find true happiness or peace nor was I successful in anything I did at least not for long. Finally, I had enough of running and told God I was ready and willing to do His will for my life. His answer to me was still plain and simple, and that was to preach. I struggled with the unknown of how I’d get the training I needed, how I’d receive affordable Bible School training it etc and then somebody told me about Christian Leaders Institue, and it’s exactly what I was needing. There’s no way I could have gotten the training I needed without CLI. It’s my goal to get the training I need get ordained and go where the Lord sees fit to plant myself and my family and serve Him in all aspects of my life. I’m not sure if His will is for me to pastor a Church or to travel as an evangelist. I ask that you pray that God gives me the wisdom, knowledge, and discernment as I purpose His calling for my life.