Tuition-Free Minister Training

Has someone recognized your ministry potential? Maybe your pastor has asked you to lead a small group. Has God been whispering to you that He has a purpose for your life to help others? Are you on a minister preparation journey but are not sure how it works?

Perhaps you have been asked to officiate a Christian wedding. Do you need clergy credentials? Are you interested in serving as a minister in a specific area of calling? Are you searching for a program that offers tuition-free ministry courses and low-cost credentials? Many are searching for solid Biblical training that includes licensing and ordination programs.

Will Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) fit with your minister preparation journey?

CLI offers tuition-free minister training online. From 2006-2021, over 41,000 called leaders have completed courses and programs. More are being added everyday. 

What does tuition-free minister training do for you? 

Tuition-free minister training is a game-changer if you are called to volunteer ministry. Let’s say you have a job that supports your family. You like your work but also want to use some of your time to serve in ministry. You want to be competent with spiritual “things,” so you want some formal ministry training. Therefore, this tuition-free minister training will really work because it is online and easily accessible. This training includes Biblical and theological training as well as ministry skills training.

How Does This Tuition-Free Minister Training Connect to Licensing or Ordination? 

Traditionally recognized clergy credentials are important because those credentials tell your community that you have completed a Biblical study program and the process of clergy recognition.

Christian Leaders Institute partners with the clergy credential partner, Christian Leaders Alliance, to put a process in place where your ministry training study directly connects with your clergy credentials process.

The clergy credential process includes:

  • Tuition-Free Ministry Training
  • Licensing or Ordination Roles
  • Requirements for Recommendations for your Credibility
  • Inclusion in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory
  • Credential Packages, including ID, Letter of Good Standing, and Clergy Certificate.


Step 1 – Register for a free study account. 

Click here to register for the Christian Leaders Getting Started Course. This is a two-part course. The first part only takes less than an hour. You can then enroll in over 150 courses or mini-courses. The second part includes actual ministry training and more orientation to Christian Leaders Institute.

Write down your user name and password so you can login to this website if, for some reason, your registration ends up in the junk mail folder.

Step 2 – Select a ministry program that is right for you.  

After you complete the getting started courses, you may start a program that connects to a ministry role you are pursuing. Here are some samples roles:

Testimonies of Tuition-Free Minister Training

My name is Chad Oglesbee. I was born and raised in the Atlanta area by Christian parents. I grew up in a large church where we were involved in just about every activity they offered. In high school, I stayed plugged into the church but often found myself pulling away to do other things. Then in my junior year of college, I completely turned away from Christ. I used my blessings and my talents for anything but the Kingdom of God. I was wild and completely disregarded what I confessed at 11 years old.

Fast forward too many years of living in the world and for the world, until I ran into my now wife. She had attended the same church as me growing up. We ended up getting married and moved to Denver. We still weren’t going back to church, but we at least had the conversation that we recognized our need to start going back.

Called Back to God

After living there for a few months, we bought a house. Then one of the first nights in that house, I heard the simple words “Go and sin no more” in a dream. The next day (or shortly after), my neighbor walks across the street to introduce himself and invites us to his church. We were both stunned and attended that Sunday. The sermon that Sunday was a call to all men to turn for their sin and be the leaders for Christ in our sphere of influence. It hit hard, but I knew God was calling me back. Over the next 2 years, my neighbor got us plugged into the church. I started reading my Bible daily and plugged into some areas that fit my talents to use for God.

Then my wife and I had our first child, a baby girl. (We later had a son.) We decided to move back to GA to be closer to our families. Once back in GA, I was presented with going back to my old habits or continuing the work that started in Denver. I decided to continue that path of sanctification. We joined a smaller, local church near our house after visiting several churches. We both knew that God was calling us home at this smaller church. Immediately, we found a place to serve and got plugged into the small groups.

Ministry Training at CLI

Since joining the church, it seems that these opportunities keep popping up for me to go deeper into my own personal study of God’s word. I got randomly pulled into Bible Training for Church Pastors by being in the right place at the right time. It’s a two-year program that is like Christian Leaders Institute, and I am over halfway complete!

Recently, my brother asked me to officiate his wedding, which pushed me to find a way to get ordained without just paying for a random license. I actually wanted to learn what it means to be ordained within the Christian faith and how I can use it for Christ. This is how I came upon the Christian Leaders Institute. I don’t know exactly what God has planned for me, but He is making sure I get tuition-free minister training from solid sources. For now, I am continuing the sanctification process and working on making my good habits as natural as eating my next meal. In my daily prayer time, I ask God to show me His plan for me. He hasn’t yet, but I sure am excited to see what it’ll be!