Youth Pastor Ordination

My name is Jessica Rogers. I am a 33-year-old living in Mesa, Arizona, and I have a call to youth pastor ordination. I moved to the sunny state of Arizona seven years ago from Seattle, Washington. My mother passed away when I was three years old, and my father raised me on his own. He did not believe in God or have any faith, so I was not exposed to that as a young child. While growing up in a small town, I was introduced to Jesus as a teenager. I was invited to attend youth group with friends and loved every second of it. I was baptized at age 16 after an amazing weekend retreat. As the years went on, I continued to believe but my relationship with God faded as I chose alcohol and friends over Him.

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After needing what I thought would be a fresh start, I packed up my bags and moved to Arizona, only knowing a few people. I shortly met my husband and we were married three years later. We attended a very large church every few months but did not get involved or attend regularly. We were introduced to a newer church in our neighborhood and decided to check it out. It was a small church with just a single service. One week of attendance turned into two, then three and so on. Eventually, we found ourselves making a consistent habit of attending. We met so many great and loving friends there that we immersed ourselves. I began teaching toddlers in the kid’s service, and my husband would greet and set up signs. He now coaches the men’s softball team as well.

My ministry dream is to teach and raise up the next generation of strong Christ-loving Christians. Having taught children for a year now, it has helped me grow stronger in my walk with God. I can’t wait every week to pass on the knowledge I am gaining to the children in our church.

This first Christian Leaders Institute class has strengthened my Bible connection. It has also increased my walk with God as it has given me great tools for devotions. It has also reminded me of the importance of family devotions. I identify strongly with Youth Pastor as my dream is to lead a group of kids in their walk with God.

The key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue youth pastor ordination is the wonderful experience I have had teaching lessons every Sunday. It also gives me great joy to see others grow in their faith while committing their time to serving. Our church has supported both me and my husband in continuing to pursue the ministry. It has given both encouragement and mentorship.

The scholarship is important to me and my family as we are in the process of becoming licensed foster parents. The time and financial commitment to do this has not allowed me to achieve my spiritual dreams of ministry training and youth pastor ordination until now. Please pray that I will see my spiritual dream of my family and I continuing to grow in our walk with God.

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