Women's Ministry Journey
Women’s Ministry Journey: A Call to Walk with Women

Hello. My name is Bethany Lock, and I am from the United States. My women’s ministry journey led me to study at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

Women’s Ministry Journey Began

As a child, my family went to church every Sunday until something changed. I do not know the reasons for this change seeing as I was a kid at the time. But, suddenly, we went from going to church every Sunday to going only on holidays and then to not going at all. My parents had been one of the first families to help plant a church in our community, but, for whatever reason, we eventually stopped going.

As I went through school, mainly during my high school days, I felt something was missing. I envied my friends and fellow students who talked about a youth event on the weekend. I longed for those times, but they would not come while I was a student.

Now, grown-up and having walked through many, many storms, I followed that longing and calling. God reignited that flame that burned for Christ and turned it into a full-on fire. It has not been an easy walk for me, and I have had to fight to have my faith. However, it’s worth every single scar that I now have.

Women’s Ministry Journey Led to CLI

I am a survivor of domestic violence. I fought for my faith the whole time in that marriage. Now that I am on the other side of that relationship, I have a huge desire to help women and their families find a walk with God. Then they can find a new beginning during and after leaving an abusive relationship. Also, I want to serve in general women’s ministry. I really enjoy walking alongside women in their walk with God and seeing them grow in their faith.

Before realizing the call to get a ministry degree, I wrote and worked as an online Bible study leader. Along with that, I co-authored a Bible study about women in the Bible that heard Jesus calling to them and answered that call. Currently, I work as a co-facilitator for one of the women’s Bible study groups at my church. I also am excited to be studying for women’s ministry at the Christian Leaders Institute.