🌟 CLI Volunteer Scheduling 🌟

Schedule within the time blocks given to have a phone call interview with Abby Dominiak and Florence Fritz to move forward with joining in the CLI volunteer team. We look forward to chatting with you.

We respect your time and will try to take only 15 minutes per follow-up interview. 

Have in mind these questions when going into the phone call:

– Who you are, where you live and how you apply your CLI ministry training in your daily living? 

What is the passion behind your desire to seek a volunteer role?  

Explain further your strengths and talents that the Lord has blessed you with especially what you answered in the special gifts that you can bring to CLI? 

As well as explain further any weaknesses or challenges that you might have in volunteering? 

And anything else you might want to share with us in regards to this volunteer opportunity. 

Most of all, we want to help you get into an area where you feel God is calling you to serve and find the best area of fit to get you started. 

Thank you so much!