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Hello, my name is Jennifer Lee. I am getting training for ministry for free online at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online free Bible and ministry courses, Click Here).

My husband and I live in Blaine, Minnesota, USA. I am a mother of three wonderful boys. I grew up in a Christian home and community in California. However, I never knew about the work of the Holy Spirit. Throughout my troubled life, Jesus was in the midst of everything and rebuilding a new foundation where I could stand (1 Peter 2:9-10).

My Early Years

I spent every Sunday going to church with my parents, but I only enjoyed the fun and friends. My grandma taught us to sing and pray every morning, during meals, and at night. When my family moved to Minnesota, USA, I got a flu shot and almost died. I was bedridden and grew weaker by the day. I couldn’t eat or drink, or stand, sit or walk.

My grandma came to visit me that summer. One night, I was saying my last words to her before she was to pray. As she put her hands over my head and prayed, I saw two bright lights on my right side. One was by my feet and one by my head. I opened my eyes and saw two very tall angels almost reaching the ceiling. They each wore a white robe and gold waist sash. As they reached to touch my head and feet, I felt a warm sensation like an electric shock. I closed my eyes and felt energy surge through my body. The light disappeared within a few minutes as my grandma ended her prayer. I suddenly felt something lift my body. Then I sat up, healed, and filled with joy.

Years later, at the age of 13, I was introduced to alcohol and drugs. I became an alcoholic, drinking and smoking cigarettes, methamphetamine, and marijuana daily. Once I graduated from high school, I decided to change my habits. I enrolled in college and married at age 19.


My first marriage ended after seven months, which led me to meet my current husband. He moved from North Carolina, USA, to support and care for my son and me. We were fourteen years apart, experiencing a new relationship. However, it wasn’t the love I wanted. I wasn’t satisfied and expected more from him. I sought God, accepted Jesus as my savior, and was baptized. However, I didn’t truly understand the meaning of giving my life to Jesus.

A few months after my baptism, the church threatened to remove our Pastor for preaching about the Holy Spirit, which I had never heard of or known. We decided to stop going to church, fearful of the problems the church had. My spouse and I got involved in meth again. We spent our time and money buying drugs to feed our addiction. Many demonic entities visited me every night with sleep paralysis and shadows lingering in my house. Our marriage fell apart. We lost our house, jobs, and assets and decided to separate.

Spiritual Touch

Six months after our separation, we decided to get back together. We were homeless for a few months. Then, my husband’s aunt decided to take us in. Her journey with Christ encouraged me to change. The women at her church came to visit us and invited us to their church. The following week, we decided that we were going to church but got into an argument and did not go.

Then, we heard a knock on our door, and it sounded like their pastor. Outside the front door, he said, “Hello, wake up and come join us at church.” However, no one was there when my husband opened the door. As I lay in bed, I felt like something drag me out of bed. A cold splash of water on my face woke me up. But I didn’t remember how I got there. We got ready and were on our way to church. I told my husband, “I’ve been a Christian all my life, and God hasn’t done anything for me but allow suffering. If He doesn’t change us, I promise I will never believe in Him or continue this marriage.”

Touch of the Holy Spirit

As I walked into the church, I felt this overwhelming presence. I walked closer and closer to the entrance to the pulpit. My knees and body weakened. I sat at the very back because I couldn’t bring myself to walk closer to the front and the presence of the Lord. The pastor’s wife invited me to sit beside her in the third row.

Then, the pastor began to preach about the “Prodigal Son.” The message touched my soul. My tears flowed like a broken fountain. The pastor finished his sermon and welcomed anyone who needed prayers. So, I walked to the front, fell to my knees, and repented. When the pastor prayed over me, this cool wind blew right through me. I felt Jesus’ arms wrapped around me like a white cloak covering me. Then, I heard the Lord say, “I have already forgiven you; I love you.” That loud, calm loving voice was like rainfall to my ears. His peaceful and unconditional love consumed and comforted me. It was my first time experiencing it. The Pastor told me that the Holy Spirit touched me in Jesus’ presence. He also said he never came and knocked on our door. The Lord called us.

Spiritual Walk with Jesus

A month after experiencing the Holy Spirit, the women invited me to their women’s retreat. We drove two hours to Duluth, MN, to a big cabin by Lake Superior. When we arrived, I felt a presence dragging me to the river. I also heard a voice saying, “Come to me, the water of life.” I couldn’t discern if it were God or just me. So, I sat at the end of the pier feeling the calm river flowing over my feet. I closed my eyes and prayed. A vision came to me of feet washing.

I was troubled for hours as we started our retreat agenda of forgiveness and letting go. During a break, I decided to go with God’s instructions. I signed up for an open spot on their agenda. Then, I asked all the women to meet me by the shoreline. I prayed and asked God to use me and speak through me.

Further Walk with Jesus

Then, I teared up and said, “I have a mother, but I don’t. I have sisters, but I don’t. So, I want to wash your feet as my commitment to walk with you as a daughter and sister. Please accept me as your own, and help me be like you.” As I washed all their feet, they all blessed me. Then a woman came to me, told me it was her first time. She said that it moved her and that Jesus had also washed his disciple’s feet in John 13.

That evening, after we worshiped, I was lying in bed. I started to hum a hymn I had never heard before. Then I saw this vision of a big tree with a curved staircase wrapping around the tree. Right in front of me, I saw Jesus. He reached His hands out to me. I saw the hole in His palm as I reached out. I grabbed it. All I remember is running down the staircase down the tree. Then, I was floating, light as a feather. I don’t remember much. But, I woke up filled with joy, laughter, love, and hope the next day. The heavy burden I felt was lifted and everything was clean and new. I was mesmerized by the beauty of God’s creation surrounding me.

My Eternal Commitment

After that retreat, I knew I needed Jesus in my life. I needed Him to change me and direct me on His path. I wanted to know Him and build a relationship with Him. Since then, I have served many years as a Women’s Ministry Leader in our church. I have also been an Event Coordinator and Children’s Director. I served at Trinity Christian Headquarters as a Women’s Secretary, serving 11 sister churches. I’ve gone on missionary trips to Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos to evangelize and spread the Good News of Jesus and God’s love. I brought many people to Christ, exorcised many suffering people, and healed many who were hurting.

However, I am not a pastor or a competent leader (unworthy of the titles). I am a living testimony and witness of God’s love. Suffering from infertility after my second son, God blessed me with Ezekiel. My mission onward is to spread His love and salvation to people. I am to bring hope to all the broken souls. My dream is to DO MORE, walk a righteous path with Jesus, and be an instrument for God. He’s given me the authority to do His work in the name of Jesus. I just needed training for ministry free.

Christian Leaders Institute: Training for Ministry Free

I almost completed my AAS in Health Information Technology, but I don’t feel it’s my calling. I won’t be able to continue school because of my debts. Since I have a language barrier and difficulty learning, they are roadblocks for me to do His work. I am genuinely grateful that the Christian Leaders Institute has training for ministry for free. May God bless you all at CLI, your ministries, and your work to bless others like me.

I hope to gain as much knowledge and training for ministry for free as possible. Then I can do what I need to do for God’s kingdom. CLI is a resource God has brought to my attention to help me through my journey. I must learn from all the professors, pastors, and people He sends my way because He’s got so much more for me. His wisdom, knowledge, and gifts are unlimited. May we give God the glory!

“Watch out, world, we’re coming for you! God’s earthquake of Unconditional Love.”

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