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Advanced English Writing and Comprehension (4 Credits)

Associate Chaplain Minister Ordination

Associate Minister Ordination

Astronomy (3 Credits)

Basic Writing (2 credits)

Biblical Greek I (4 Credits)

Biblical Greek II (4 Credits)

Biblical Greek III (4 Credits)

Biblical Interpretation I (4 Credits)

Biblical Interpretation II (4 Credits)

Biblical Wisdom (4 Credits)

●      Business Finance For Every Enterprise (4 Credits)

Business Management for Every Enterprise (4 Credits)

Christian Apologetics (3 Credits)

Christian Basics: Introduction to Christian Doctrine (3 Credits)

Christian Ethics (3 Credits)

Christian Leaders Enterprise 101 (3 Credits)

●      Christian Leaders Institute: Getting Started Course (1 Credit)

Christian Leaders Ordination

Christian Philosophy

Church and Ministry (3 Credits)

Church History (4 Credits)

Church Planting – Applied Marketing (4 Credits)

Church Planting (4 Credits)

College Algebra (3 Credits)

Commissioned Minister Ordination

Deacon Minister Ordination

Developing House Churches (3 Credits)

Domestic Tranquility (3 credits)***

Early Church History (3 Credits)

●      Economics 101 (3 Credits)

English Comprehension (4 Credits)

Enterprise Finance I (4 Credits)

Enterprise Marketing (4 Credits)

Evangelism: Presenting Grace (3 Credits)

Getting Started: Christian Leaders Connection (4 Credits)

Getting Started: Christian Leaders Connection (4 Credits)

Hermeneutics and Exegesis (3 Credits)

House Church Minister Ordination

Introduction to Biology (3 Credits)

Introduction to Chaplaincy/Chaplaincy (3 Credits)

Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits)

Introduction to Sociology (3 Credits)

Local Church Ordination

Management by the Book (3 Credits)

Microeconomics (3 Credits)

Minister of the Word Ordination

Ministry 101: Ministry Connections (4 Credits)

Ministry Care Conversations (3 Credits)

Ministry Mathematics (3 Credits)

Missions and Revivals (4 Credits)

New Testament Survey (3 Credits)

Officiant Minister Ordination

Officiant Ordination

Old Testament Literature, History and Theology – updated (3 Credits)

Old Testament Literature, History, and Theology (3 Credits)

Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)

Online Enterprise Marketing (3 Credits)

Pastoral Care and Marriage (3 Credits)

PeaceSmart Relationships 101 (3 Credits)

People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)

Philosophy 101 (3 Credits)

Prayer (3 Credits)

Restoring Relationships – Transforming Justice (3 credits)

Sermon Construction and Presentation (4 Credits)

The Old Testament Story of Redemption (3 Credits)

Theology I (4 Credits)

Theology II (4 Credits)

Thriving Marriages (4 Credits)

United States History (3 Credits)

Women In Ministry Ordination

Women’s Minister Ordination

Women’s Ministry (3 Credits)

World History (3 Credits)

World History (3 Credits)

Worship Ministry (3 Credits)

Youth Ministry