Studying God's Word

I am Cornelia Vianen, most people call me Corry. Single and with two children, I am an accountant and live in St. Maarten. I have been an accountant for over 15 years now. However, presently, I am trying to switch to doing things I love. Those things are writing, studying, music, and other encouraging activities. Another thing I love is studying God’s Word at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free online Bible courses, Click Here).

Originally, I am from Suriname, a small and beautiful country in South America. I went to St. Maarten on vacation and later went back to stay. I am in love with Jesus and have a prophetic calling. But I want to focus on the Word of God. I believe that the Word of God is the basis for all callings. A true and pure foundation is necessary. Without this, your calling is worthless.

My Calling

I am the second child of my mother. I was called from the womb and have been inside the church since then. In Suriname, I started to do ministry with “Bribi Ministries.” I was a prayer warrior. Afterward, I migrated to St. Maarten where I took prophetic training. Now, I do online ministry and sometimes visit different churches.

I always felt drawn to fulfilling a godly mission, especially, to fulfill God’s will in the church. Christians can do more if they are motivated and connected. For that reason, I want to be used as an instrument in my community in motivating and connecting the Body of Christ.


I also had a dream of having a big, sweet family. But it went wrong from my youthful days. My father died when I was seven. My mom was unemployed, so I had to assist her at a very early stage of my life. I had smaller brothers and sisters, so my older brother and I had to help. We started working and studying. My dreams were shattered.

My mom had to work hard. And we had to try to survive. I studied while working. Then I met weird friends as I grew older, who drew me into the party life. I was born and had grown up in church. And I always had a good relationship with God. But now this new lifestyle damaged my relationship with God.

At first, partying felt good. But after a while, I became so accustomed to going out and partying, it became a part of my life. Soon, I could not do without it. I drifted away and could not hear God’s voice any longer. I became filled with darkness from within and was attached to ungodly friends. Gradually, I felt more and more miserable and sunk deeper and deeper into the pit of an ungodly life. As I was seeking love outside God’s principles, I realized that I was going backward. I lost control of my life and my financial assets, and that prompted me to cry out to God.

God Woke Me Up

One day, God woke me up. He had not spoken to me in quite a while. God told me to put on the television. There was a movie playing the part where Solomon sat in his chair and watched as the Queen of Sheba was having a party for her pagan gods. I dropped to the floor and started crying. The revelation hit me at once, and I slipped into the bathroom. I felt like I had to vomit. At that moment, I knew I had deserted God, my friend. I replaced Him with pagan worship. After I repented, God slowly restored me. I asked for forgiveness, and He welcomed me back!

New Direction and Studying God’s Word at CLI

Because of my experience, I decided to also become a pillar in the house of God to help others that are lost in bad habits and help them to find their way back home. I know how it feels with the pain and all of its consequences. And I want to show them love and tell them that I understand. They don’t have to feel ashamed. I felt weird and ashamed to tell anyone in my church why I at times did not show up anymore. Most of the time, I just had an excuse for each one of them when I met them on the road.

That is why I am studying God’s Word at the Christian Leaders Institute. The class on restoration fired up the desire inside of me to help others even more. When I heard the pain in the voice of all these people’s testimony, I knew that the work is great, and the laborers are few. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity to receive ministry training!

May God bless everyone that reads my testimony!

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