Studying Bible Courses

My name is Ashley Crowe. I am married to Jeremy and have a stepson. We currently live in Hopkins, Minnesota, United States of America. I am studying Bible courses and ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

Before I Was Saved: My Youth

My childhood was not like most people’s. My dad was in the Army. So we moved from Minnesota to Louisiana when I was a year old. I had a younger brother named Richie who passed away suddenly when he was a little over a year. The reason is unknown, but both my parents were blamed for it. My dad did 4 years in prison for manslaughter; my mom did 3 months for an accessory.

They put me into foster care. For months, I refused to speak to anyone and went from foster home to foster home. Finally, a pastor and his wife fostered me and showed me the love of the Lord. A few months after, I came home to Minnesota to live with my grandmother. She showed me a lot of love and took me to church, but I was still missing something in my life.

Before I Was Saved: Marriage Struggle

I was pretty normal as a teenager. I skipped school a lot, partied, and didn’t care. This continued into my adulthood. When I was 18, I met Jason. He was tall, dark, and could talk his way into and out of anything. When I was 27, we finally married. He had many issues growing up with abuse and mental health issues. After our marriage, I found this out. Jason became abusive pretty early in our marriage and didn’t stop until June 5th, 2016. This was the day he decided to take his life. It was 5:15 am. I woke up to a loud sound coming from his home office. I will never forget the sight when I opened that door. Now, more was missing in my life.

New Direction: Yay! Jesus Saved Me!

A year and a half later, my friend was pushing me to find someone to “get over Jason.” I was not too interested, but she had me start a dating profile. That’s where I met Jeremy. An even taller and very handsome bad boy. He had a past, yet he was a believer. That’s what I needed! Someone who was broken like me but loved the Lord. I found what I was looking for! Was it this man? NO! It was Jesus!

Jeremy and I had our first date and every other date after for a while at church. Twice a week, we were meeting fellow broken people and even starting a ministry with some friends. On May 15th, I surrendered to the Lord and received baptism. After 33 years, I finally found what was missing all my life! The Lord!! Jeremy and I are married, and life is great!

Now What? Studying Bible Courses at CLI

As a recovering addict/felon and a widow/child of foster care turned followers of the Lord, we knew we had to do more. We had stories to tell and people to save. Last year, 2020, Jeremy and I decided to sell everything, turn a school bus into a tiny home and take our ministry on the road! We both decided we needed to study the Word more and get a closer relationship with Jesus. So, here we are at Christian Leaders Institute, studying Bible courses and ministry training!

Pray for us as we are studying Bible courses and ministry training at CLI. Our bus, Exodus, hits the road in July 2021.