Study the Bible More

My name is William Lehlohonolo Seitshiro, and I am at the Christian Leaders Institute to study the Bible more in-depth (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). I am 31 years old and married to Famour Seitshiro. A South African, I grew up in the province of Gauteng in a city called Pretoria, Mamelodi. I love the Lord with all my heart and believe in him so much that I feel nothing else makes sense outside of God.

I studied theology at the Global School of Theology, which is under Global University. Before that, I was studying tourism. But one day in class, the Holy Spirit called me to full-time ministry. God was straightforward with me and told me what he expects me to do. I am to be full-time in ministry and serving Him. Therefore, I should not worry about finances because they will come from him.

Early Life and Conversion 

I was always a quiet kid. Often, I was in the house playing on the computer. I had no purpose and no vision. Really, I didn’t see any reason to make plans because I was a normal kid.

One thing that was dramatic in my life and very hard to let go of was my mother’s passing in 1996. After that, I was in a time loop. The fact that I felt rejected by my father made things more difficult.

I was born again in December 2015. That’s when I started feeling accepted and no longer a boy who came from a place of rejection. When I received Christ, it meant that I am accepted and loved. Since then, I have been preaching to people that they are accepted in Christ.

Calling to Ministry

When I received salvation, I felt the call of the Lord in my life. But in 2011, when at school, I vividly saw three angels walk into my classroom while I was learning at school. I felt what the Holy Spirit told me to talk to my senior pastor and go to Bible School because they would stop sending pastors to Bible School.

When I spoke to my pastor that week, he immediately told me that I need to go to a theological seminary. He sent me there, paid all my fees, and gave me pocket money. Then, we found out that I was the last student that they were sending to Bible School. That confirmed the fact that God called me into the ministry.

Ministry Training and Study the Bible More In-Depth at CLI

When I went to Bible School, I discovered that I didn’t know most of the Bible as other students did. I only knew certain parts of the New Testament, which appealed to me. So as I was studying and didn’t know most of the Bible, I focused more on the history and whole truth of the Bible.

I am at the Christian Leaders Institute because I want to further my knowledge and study the Bible more. I want to study so that I am equipped to tackle issues that pastors are afraid of and bring people to the understanding that they are accepted in Jesus.

Ministry Journey

My ministry journey has been challenging, and it has been challenged throughout the years. But, when I started in Sunday school ministry or children’s ministry, the only thing that kept me going was the joy of serving because I had the freedom to serve as I could.

As time went by, I grew into youth ministry, young adult ministry, and church ministry. My passion and zeal grow by the moment. When I started my internship, I was given the impression that I would be given a chance to lead in time. Yet when the time came for the pastor to pass on the church, he decided that he didn’t want to, and if the district tried to give it to me, he would split the church. So, because I love the Lord and fear God, I decided to step back and started a church with my wife.

Personal Life

In my personal life, I continue to see God moving specially. In my marriage, the presence of God is heavy to the point that when I look at my wife, I remember where God took me from and what He’s blessed me with. That testimony reminds me that there is nothing that can separate me from the love of God.

I continue to research, study, and preach the gospel so that people may come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.