Study of the Bible

Greetings! My name is Benjamin Joseph Onelove, and a deeper study of the Bible at the Christian Leaders Institute is what I want and need (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). Born in May of 1987 in Minnesota, USA, I am a professional licensed massage therapist of 14+ years. I am also a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. I married my wife, Autumn Anastasia, in 2017. We are expecting our first child, Matteo Kai, to be born in December 2021!

My Conversion Experience

Before becoming a true believer, I was a full-fledged “new-ager.” My former “spiritual path” involved the study of “a course in miracles.” This false teaching led me astray about Jesus for almost 8 years. Then, a series of circumstances provoked me to rethink things. First, I critically compared the Jesus of the Bible with other presentations of Jesus from our modern new-age spiritual culture. Then, when I actually began doing my homework (apologetics), I quickly discovered many more reasons to take the Bible as the true authoritative perspective on God, Jesus, and the nature of reality. There is no comparison to any of the other popular belief systems circulating today from various sources.

Since that night, I truly gave myself over in my heart to trusting and following the Jesus of the Holy Bible, and the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. God has never let me down. As a result, my mind has become clearer, my life has become more stable, and I sleep better at night. The truth of scripture brings stability and clarity to every area of my inner and outer life, thoughts, actions, beliefs, and relationships. It also greatly enhanced my career.

Goals for Ministry

My goals for ministry are many. The Lord has placed inspirations upon my heart that I intend to fulfill. These include becoming a pastor and various areas of ministry. I see in my future Biblical counseling and a ministry of laying on of hands with prayer for supernatural healing of difficult to treat illnesses. I also want to pastor the homeless population. Further, I want to teach apologetics and author books on the subject.

Further ministry goals are a healing ministry in conjunction with my future church. This would include massage therapy for injury rehabilitation, personal injury and illness prevention training, and healthy longevity. In addition, I want to serve as a doctor of traditional naturopathy.

Firm Foundation and Study of the Bible at CLI

I am more satisfied and content as I remove distractions from my life and replace them with kingdom service. I conclude that working for Jesus is fun. It’s an honor to serve the kingdom of God on earth. I recognize the support of the body of Christ compelling me onward more and more as I dedicate all my faculties to Jesus to use for his purposes.

Under the mentorship of the true God of the Bible through His Holy Spirit, I am continually refined. That is why I am excited to do further study of the Bible and ministry at CLI.

All my life, I desired the truth but looked in all the wrong places. Now I’m standing on firm ground, the Bible. I pray that the Lord may restore the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25) and use all of my life’s experiences to glorify HIM. For it is for the sake of His Name that I have been saved from my former way of life. To God be the glory.