Service ministry call

My Service Ministry Call Story

My name is Glorimar Carroll, and this is my story. Currently, I live in The Woodlands/Spring, Texas area. I have worked in education for twenty years: ten in Christian private schools and ten in public schools. I am also part of the children’s ministry at my local church since I love children and making a difference in their lives. In response to my service ministry call, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free online Bible courses, Click Here).

My Beginning and My Salvation Story

I am originally from Puerto Rico. A single mom brought me up because our father died in a car accident when my mom was pregnant with me. So, she raised my two brothers and me by herself. When I was seven, we moved to the state of Michigan. So, I grew up in East Lansing. I moved to Dallas, Texas, at 18 and have lived in Texas off and on for many years now. Married for 26 years to my husband Rich, we have two children: Will, 22, and Richelle, 20. They are our pride and joy.

I grew up in a Christian home as my mom and family were all born-again Christians. I participated in children and youth activities throughout the years. However, it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I truly gave my life to Jesus Christ. Because my growing-up life was not easy, I drifted away from the Lord by my late teens and early twenties. My mom was very strict and for me, the church seemed too religious with many rules that I thought were not for me.

After a few years of doing what I wanted to and not God’s will, I realized that my life was headed in the wrong direction. One Sunday morning, I went to church with my mom. During worship, I felt the presence of the Lord so strong that I started crying. For the first time, I felt set free. It was then that I learned what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. I started seeking Him and studying His Word, which extraordinarily changed my life.

CLI for Free Online Ministry Training

Since I was little, I felt the Lord had a purpose for my life. He wanted me to serve Him in one way or another, my service ministry call. I have always loved people and tried to make a difference in their lives. When I was younger, I wanted to go to a well-known Bible school in the Dallas area. However, it was not something that I could afford, so I never pursued it. Christian Leaders Institute has been an answer to my prayers. As a wife and mom, my family has been my priority for all these years. My husband and I always volunteered at church. Thank God our kids grew up in a Christian home. We planted the Word of God in their hearts since they were little, and we believe that God has good plans for their lives too.

My Service Ministry Call

For the last few years, I felt a tug from the Lord wanting me to get ordained. I desire to someday work full-time for a ministry. I am asking God to lead me to the right place that He has for me. Possibly, I could work in children’s ministry or abortion or human trafficking ministries. With my compassionate spirit, God could use me to change lives for Him.

My goals with Christian Leaders Institute are to finish the “Deacon Minister Ordination” class and take the “Life Coach” classes. I have mentored younger women, and I desire to continue doing that. First, however, I want to prepare myself better to help these lovely young women of God become strong in their walk with Jesus. Perhaps then, they can pay it forward and someday be there for others too.

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Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.