September 2023 News


PSY 210 – Mental Health Integration (3 Credits)

Discover the transformative insights of this course as it explores the intersections between mental health concepts, biblical teachings, ministry, and the church. Delve into various modalities of wellness, biblical teaching on well-being, identity, self-care, vulnerability, and effective giving and receiving of help. Join Brandon Appelhans as he shares his personal mental health journey its broader implications, and how the church can adeptly contribute to addressing the pressing challenges of the mental health crisis.

Persuasion unto Consensus (Church Polity) 

Consensus church government by pastoral persuasion gives many advantages: maturity for the saints, knowing the mind of Christ, church unity, and an edifying decision-making process. This scriptural form of church government will also enable church leaders to lead more like Jesus.


The Advantages of Smaller Churches

Did Jesus intend for churches to have thousands of members? Is bigger better? Did you know that for the first two hundred years of the Christian church, believers met almost exclusively in private homes? Did you know that smaller churches have many advantages over larger churches? Did you know that every NT letter written to a church was written to a church that met in someone’s home? Did you know that most activities prescribed for churches can only function in a small church?