The Christian Leaders Store is a scholarship funding store opportunity that offers Christian leaders products that help spread the influence of Christianity.

By purchasing products at the Christian Leaders Store, you help fund free ministry training scholarships in over 180 nations. See directory.

Christian Leaders Institute offers study scholarships to spread Christianity by making high-quality ministry training free to called Christians. These study scholarships are funded by donations in our vision partner program, by administration fees for some of our credential programs, and through this store.

Scholarship Funding Store Categories

Christian Influence CollectionsChristian Influence Collections include jewelry, clothes, ministry brews coffee, and much more. Each of these items includes a Christian or Biblical message.

Christian Leaders Ministries Logo Products – You may want logo products from our family of ministries which include: Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders College, and Christian Leaders Alliance.

Books – Christian Leaders Store features books, tools, and resources for Christian leaders.

Christian Leaders Credentials – The credential programs for our family of ministries are funded through fees. The Christian Leaders Store is where you order your earned credentials.

Good Prices – Great impact

Like many ministries that have a thrift store to help fund their programs, the Christian Leaders Store will help you fund study scholarships.

Even if you are not a student at Christian Leaders Ministries, this Christian Leaders Store will help you fund study scholarships worldwide.

The store offers products of influence that you can purchase and enjoy.

You are welcome to enroll at Christian Leaders Institute to take courses. If you purchased any product(s), you would have helped fund your own scholarship!

Whether or not you are a student at Christian Leaders Institute, if you purchase anything in the Christian Leaders Store, you fund one of the more important Christian leaders’ needs: education!