Quality Ministry Courses

My name is Alexander Uriel Duodu, and I am impressed with the quality ministry courses offered at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). Born on the 23rd of March 1992, in Kumasi, a city in Ghana, I am the firstborn of four children. I grew up in a Christian family, but I was only religious. My family and I went to church services, but I went without knowing the Lord personally. I did not have godly friends who could influence me positively. In the evenings, my mother made me read the Bible to her. However, my life was affected by my ungodly friends as I was spending most of my time with them.

My Spiritual Journey Begins

In 2011, I was born again and baptized on the 20th of November 2011 when I entered the University. I changed all my ungodly friends. I stopped living the ungodly way. At University, God connected me to spiritual brothers and sisters who loved the Lord. I bought my first study Bible and joined these brothers and sisters in prayer meetings. My new friends read spiritual books written by anointed ministers and also watched preaching videos. So, I picked up that godly habit and started experiencing God in a special way.

In 2012, I followed those friends to evangelism in the mornings. We woke up very early and prayed till it was 6 am. Then, we moved to the hostels to preach before we prepared for lectures. In 2013, I was part of the University Christian Fellowship (UCF) and was elected as the Evangelism Secretary and Bible Teacher in my hall (Commonwealth Hall). That same year, I received a vision from the Lord to a call to ministry.

Further Growth

During a long vacation, I stayed with some of my new spiritual friends for a Bible Conference. I was so affected by this Bible conference. When I went home, I spent the rest of my vacation reading the Bible. For the first time, I read through Genesis to Revelation. Since then, I enjoy reading the Bible, and God in diverse ways does communicate with me especially during my time with the Word.

In 2014, the Commonwealth Hall elected me as the UCF President. Winning souls for the Lord always brings satisfaction and joy to me. In 2015, after my university education, I went home. Good Shepherd Assembly of God appointed me as a Bible Teacher. That same year, I did my national service at a town called Ejura in the Ashanti region in Ghana. I joined the Lighthouse Chapel during my national service and became an active member in the prayer ministry. In 2016, I told Bishop David Ashong who is the shepherd of that church about my call and he recommended me to the Anagkazo Bible Ministry & Training Centre (ABMTC). In 2017, I was elected as the PRO of the Spiritual Revolutionary Council which represents the student body in Anagkazo Bible Ministry & Training Centre (ABMTC).

My Life and Ministry

In 2018, I married Animuonyam Nana Yaa Duodu, one of my spiritual friends from my university days. She has been a blessing to my life. She actually taught me how to fast when we were on campus and other spiritual virtues. In 2019, I graduated successfully with a diploma in ministry from ABMTC and was also appointed as a Pastor. I was the second-best student by the grace of God. In April 2020, God blessed us with a wonderful daughter named Anna Dunamis Kim Duodu. In September 2020, I planted a church, Cathedral Of Glory, Ghana. Currently, I pastor the church in Kumasi, Ghana. My greatest desire is to know God and to be faithful to Him forever.

Finding Quality Ministry Courses at CLI

One day, I went through the Christian Leaders Institute webpage. I was astonished to discover that an institution could offer such quality ministry courses online that are free and also be a blessing to the less privileged countries. Anyone can pursue certificates, diplomas, and degrees at CLI/CLI. This is a great seed being sown for the Kingdom Of God in these last days. It is my prayer that the Lord will raise more Kingdom-minded ministers to support this great vision. Many have aborted their call because of a lack of opportunity to be enrolled in an institution like CLI.