Prison Ministry - Rob Kerley of USA

Prison Ministry – God has laid a desire in the heart of Rob to be involved in Prison Ministry. He is grateful for the religious freedoms of the USA, but he feels most call to make an impact through Prison Ministry. Rob shares his passion with us.

“Hello I’m Rob Kerley from the United States. The USA is a great place to be because of the freedom we have to chose what ever religion we want and not be persecuted like those in other country’s and suffer when all they want to do is worship and praise our Lord and Savior. We are truly blessed to have been born and raised in the US and have the freedom to chose what we want because so many don’t have what we take for granted everyday.”

As a child, Rob was exposed to the faith that would lead him to a Prison Ministry.

“I went to church as a kid with my grandmother (who raised me) but never really understood who or what God or Jesus was till I got much older. I had a older couple that was a neighbor when I was growing up that took me in like their son and taught me about Jesus and shared His wounderful Word with me. At 18 I went in the Army and my life changed for the worse and fell to the temptations of alcohol. In 2009 I trully felt that It was put on my heart and mind to give my life to Him and do His will. God delivered me from my past of abuse and addiction and all I can think about now is sharing His love,mercy and forgiveness with the whole world, especially through a Prison Ministry.”

He has a dream of sharing Christ among the forgotten, a need for a homeless and Prison Ministry.

“My dream is to share God’s word and love with everyone I talk to and share what He did for me. All I can think about is helping those that are lost and feel alone. Take His Word and Love to the homeless, to those locked up and forgotten about in our prisons, letting them know that they are loved and someone does care about them and that someone being Jesus who died for all on the cross.

I feel that CLI is one of the best things that ever happen to me for a few reasons. The first is all that I’ve learned up to this point and could not have been done, with the level of desire that the instrutures have for the Word of God like they do here, any where else. I really can feel their love to teach and help others to have the same desire they have for God’s word.To get a scholarship from CLI would be a true blessing for me becuase I could get the training and knowledge I need to help those in prison and the homeless. I know because of my disability and the lack of money it would be every hard for me to go to a college and get the high level of training and schooling that I get from CLI. If I don’t get the scholarship to continue at CLI I am still thankful and blessed from what they have taught me so far and thankful to be given the chance.

I ask that you would pray for my family and that the Lord would give them the strangth and understanding to continue the walk with me while I fulfill my dreams and goals of helping others. I also ask that you would pray for me to stay focused on my family and thier needs as well. Please pray that I stay in Gods will in shareing His love and forgiveness and never to fall into self gain or to ever think it’s any of my doing.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I pray that the Lord will bless you and your family’s for all that you do.

God bless,

Rod kerley.”

Rob has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to advance his Training for Prison Ministry thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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