Preach the Gospel - Emmanuel Gyimah of Ghana

Preach the Gospel – Emmanuel needs training the preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior in Ghana. He shares his testimony and journey in this article.

“My name is Emmanuel Gyimah and I am currently in the Ghana. In Ghana is very interesting and wonderful to preach the gospel. The country is a christian country but most of the people are glued to the doctrines of their church other than what the bible actually teaches. By the grace of God gradually people are being brought back to what the bible actually says. And also as for some people like myself we are faced with the challenge of the fathers not allowing us and encouraging us but rather bringing our spirits down and discouraging us.

Currently most of the youth are being raised by God to take up certain positions and do marvelous things and preach the gospel. I was born into a christian country but I was much of a church goer than a believer. I encountered the Lord when I felt very sick at age 12 and in the course of my sickness I had series of dreams of dreams where I usually walked with God and He always spoke to me about what he is going to do with my life and for about two weeks I started to see angels as normal human beings with bodies.”

The power of Jesus has inspired Emmanuel to preach the gospel

“I became interested in the things of the lord and am going to preach the gospel because of what I had seen and the promises he gave me. My dream is to help young ministers by way of training them and deploying them to all parts of the world to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to prove the power of His might. Also to let people be aware of the coming of Christ. A scholarship at CLI will help me to acquire more knowledge on what to do and what not do as a minister and also to gain more knowlegde to train others.

Currently it is very expensive and difficult for some young ministers like myself to enroll in institutions that equip us to preach the gospel like CLI in Ghana because my parents are not in support of my calling. I want you to pray for me so that the grace of God will be much on me and God should open doors for me to serve as an inspiration to my colleagues and also to gain more knowledge to train the people that God will bring into my life. Thank you and God bless you for what you have availed yourselves to be used as vessels to bless some of us when we thought all hopes are lost. Amen”

Emmanuel has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to preach the gospel thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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