Pastor Training: Ebiama Destiny of Nigeria

Pastor Training: Ebaiama Destiny is a pastor training to help preach to his fellow countrymen. He starts by talking about himself and Pastor Training.

“My name is Ebiama Destiny I presently live in Nigeria with my wife and three children. Nigeria is christianity leading country with large population of its citizens as christians. Ministry walk in Nigeria is growing rapidly every now and then with very encouraging responses from her citizens.I believe as long as a minister of God is guide and back by God in his/her ministry walk one will sure do well if  the faith is on Jesus Christ the savior of mankind.”

His search for meaning in life is what led him to become a pastor training to spread the word.

“My quest to understand how things really are in life is all that made me come in contact with the gospel in the year 2003. It was first Sunday of the year and I concluded within me to attend church service with one of the churches close to my house. My self and one of my cousins.Though I said I concluded within me to attend service; I didn’t totally concluded that I actually wanted to be member of that ministry. simply put i didn’t think that my action on that very day will actually turned out to be my moment of change. But the unexpected sure happened and I could not stop after the first service. During the service a lot things happened which i can’t really explain and ever since then i have become a follower of christ and also a member of that ministry. This was how I began my faith in Jesus Christ and ever since then I could not resist the urge to follow the Lord Jesus.”

Ebiama has a vision and he knows pastor training will help him realize it.

“My ministry dream and goals: I want to be a minister of God’s word to the people around me, to lead people and teach them  to have the fear of God in their hearts and have their minds renewed, people who will be successful in all they do as Christians with the sole aim of pleasing God and Man, taking God’s word to as many places as the Lord leads me, helping people to share in the blessings that come in following Jesus Christ, through the help of the Holy Spirit.”

A scholarship is needed for my Pastor Training

“CLI scholarship I think and also know will play a major role in reshaping my ministry goal and dreams and helping me fulfill them in so many areas. I know getting pastor training requires a lot of money which at this point I can’t afford. But with the scholarship, CLI will be able to groom and nature me in this pastor training to be deeply rooted in the Lord’s word and teachings. I will get the right method and how to relate with different kind of people with the training that I will be receiving as a result of the CLI scholarship. This will build and equip me to take my ministry to the next level.”

Ebiama closes by talking about the importance of prayer in his Pastor Training.

“One thing I know which others will also agreed with me is the fact that excess of prayer isn’t bad. Infact it’s good to pray always as the Bible also said so. I would like CLI to pray for enabling power of the Holy Spirit on my life to do what i can’t do on my own. Prayer on doing not just learning alone – to put all that I have been thaught into practice.”

Ebiama has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to expand his pastor training thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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