The Ordination Minister Worldview

What does ordination do for a minister? Why do we care about ordination anyway? Let’s just call ourselves ministers?

There is a story or it could be a legend. Napoleon, according to the story, wanted to make a provocative declaration at his coronation as “Emperor” on December 2, 1804. Napoleon wanted to display his rejection of the authority of the church. He ripped the crown out of the hands of Pope Pius VII and placed the crown on his own head.

An ordination minister is one who values the fact he would not put the crown on his own head. The posture is one of being a servant.

There is a process put together at Christian Leaders Institute in which called Christian leaders enroll in free ministry training classes. They must submit to a process of asking for three recommenders to affirm their calling, temperament, and lifestyle as an ordination minister.

Robert Webb submitted to this process at Christian Leaders Institute. Here is his story.

I became a Christian in 1985 when I accepted the Lord as my personal Lord and Savior. I am married and have one daughter and two grandchildren. A retired disabled since 2007, I am a volunteer at our local hospitals as a Chaplain, ministering to the sick and the employees, praying for those that are hurting. I love serving the Lord in this capacity. My prayer each day is for the Lord’s will to be done in me and through me everyday. I would like to further my education with this program you are offering. Thank you for your consideration.

Since you have accepted me in this program with CLI, I have learned quite a bit about myself and how to be a better listener. I seek the Lord in every situation that I come across and do not make it about me but about Christ who is in me.

That it did not cost me anything to become an ordained minister was such a blessing to me because I became disabled in 2007 and am unable to work. I wanted to further my education and you’ve allowed that to happen. Christian Leaders Institute has been a blessing so that I can further my education.

My prayer is for God to continue to use me for his glory. May I continue to give me the strength to do so. Thank you again, CLI, for all you do and continue to do for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you would like to participate in the ordination minister worldview, consider enrolling at Christian Leaders Institute to begin your free training!