Ordained Officiants

Ordained Officiants

Ordained Officiants used to be primarily local pastors representing local churches. As the priesthood of believer concept his spread where lay leaders are sensing the call to conduct weddings and funerals, the need for ordained officiants has been increasing. Christian Leaders Institute sees there are a large number of Christian Leaders who are called to become ordained officiants in their communities.

Christian Leaders believes that these ordained officiants should be connected to local churches and have the blessing of local church leaders. We also believe that ordained officiants an appropriate amount of training so that they perform their duties in an effective way.

Christian Leaders has put together a program for Ordained Officiants that gives them an earned an Officiants Certificate.

The Officiant Certificate, Ordination Certificate, Letter of Good Standing and Clergy ID card means:

1. That the ordained officiant has passed four vital training classes related to the qualifications of ordained officiants in the United States.  The four classes are:

  • Getting Started Class: Christian Basics (7 Credits)
  • Pastoral Care and Marriage (3 Credits)
  • Church and Ministry (3 Credits)
  • People Smart in Ministry (3 Credits)

2. A one credit hour Officiant Ordination Class that gives you extra needed training.

3. That the officiant has the confidence of  local Christian leaders. The Officiant Ordination Certificates are signed by President Henry Reyenga and a local leader who endorse the walk and doctrine of the ordained officiants for the benefit of the community.

4. That these ordained officiants are included in the Christian Leaders Institute Directory. This directory establishes the credibility of the ordained officiants to the general public. People interested in using these ordained officiants can go to the Christian leaders directory and verify that they are who they claim to be and that they have completed courses of studies that qualifies them to serve as officiants.

5. You will be legally ordained to do official ceremonies in all 50 states and most international locations.

The fact is that ordained officiants are being sent certificates with no training. There are scam sites that will allow people to buy Christian ordinations without careful procedures. Read Scam Online Ordinations to read about this in-depth.

If you are interested in being an ordained officiant who is trained to be effective and ordained through Christian Leaders Institute click here to enroll in the free classes.

Getting Your Official Papers for Local Authorities

Below is a list of the necessary credentials needed to be an officiant. Some states have more requirements, and some states have less. Christian Leaders Institute has the standing with the USA as a Religious Charity to give you all the credentials you need, including your Letter of Good Standing. This is what you need.

Ministry Training Needed with a Ministry Training Certificate

Twenty credit hours of free training (Including a One Credit Officiant Ordination Class)

Ordination Certificate 

You will become ordained through CLI with local leaders. You must become ordained to conduct wedding ceremonies legally.

A Letter of Good Standing 

The Letter of Good Standing is the official document that certifies your Ordination within a local ministry endorsement.

The Letter of Good Standing is the official documentation of your credentials of ministry. Some states require this, many do not. You can check your state laws to be sure.

After you complete this class, you can order your official documents. Here is the list of official documents and the fee for each document should you need official papers in your local area.  The fees are required because of the high level of personalization and verification needed for you. 

  • The Embossed Christian Leaders Institute Officiant Certificate $50.00
  • The Embossed Ordination Certificate $50
  • Non-Expiring Clergy ID Ordination Card $50
  • Letter of Good Standing on CLI letterhead $50
  • Clergy Parking Pass Free $25 Value

Discount Package Total for all Items $99 ($49 for Graduates in Tier 1,2,3 Nations)