Online training for ministry

God’s Love Motivates Us To Do His Will

Hello, my name is Rowena Andino. I grew up in the Philippines. In 2004, I migrated to Canada. Married to a God-fearing man, we have two beautiful kids: Hannah and Elijah. Currently, I am studying online training for ministry at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online free Bible courses, Click Here).

My Journey

First off, I would like to thank God for everything he has done in my life. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Education from one of the universities in the Philippines and got a decent job.

Both of my parents died when I was young. So I grew up under the care of my aunt, a devout Catholic. We went to church every Sunday because we had to. I never understood as a child why we had to go to Sunday mass and sit inside and listen.

How I came to know Jesus Christ was a very emotional and memorable day in my life. A friend who was already a believer in Christ shared her faith and testimony with me. I clearly remember what she said to me about the love of Christ in her life: “God’s amazing love is all that we need.” Then, she invited me to join their Bible study on Saturdays and encouraged me to attend their Sunday service. I felt welcomed and experienced joy in being around very accepting people. My transition was never easy. I struggled a lot.

It was Sunday morning when it became clear to me that Jesus was all that I needed in my life. I declared my nothingness to the Lord and that I am a sinner. I opened my heart to trust Him, believe in Him, and accept Him as my Lord and Saviour in my life. At that moment, I felt the amazing grace, love, and forgiveness of the Lord. I believe God loves me and accepts me no matter what.

My Spiritual Dream

My spiritual dream is to serve the Lord with all my heart. After I surrendered my life to Jesus, everything changed. I focus more time on knowing the Lord and His Word. God put in my heart compassion for others so that I should care about others’ interests before my own. The Lord helps me recognize and respond to the needs of others willingly, cheerfully, and with humility of heart.

God gave me joy in my heart to join in the ministry of music. My relationship with the Lord has become very close and intimate. As I continue to serve the Lord, He has given me the ability to become an intercessor to pray for spiritual victories over the challenges and obstacles in the life of others.

The Lord has also placed the desire to become a shepherd in my heart. Currently, the Lord has entrusted me with a group of people to take care of and nurture with the Word of God. We have our Bible study every Wednesday.

Free Online Training for Ministry at CLI

I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me this privilege and opportunity to enroll in and study at the Christian Leaders Institute. At CLI, I get access to free online training for ministry. This free training is indeed a blessing because it will help me a lot in my spiritual walk with the Lord. So, if you are reading this right now and the Lord is calling you with His purpose in your life, I encourage you to take a bold step and take this opportunity at CLI. Then you can move forward and know more about your calling to serve the Lord.

Thank you, CLI (Christian Leaders Institute)! To God be all the glory!

Steps to Sign Up At Christian Leaders Institute

Step 1 – Register for a free study account that automatically enrolls you in the Christian Leaders Getting Started Course Part 1 &2. 

After you register, you will automatically be enrolled in the “getting started” course. You will locate the course at your “home” button when logged in. Scroll down to find the Christian Leaders Getting Started Course Part 1 &2 Link. Click the link and open the course.

Step 2 – Complete Part 1 of this course, and then you are allowed to enroll in mini-courses or regular courses. 

The Christian Leaders Getting Started Class Part 1 shows you how to enroll in courses and mini-courses. Part 2 of the course connects your calling into ministry with programs offered through Christian Leaders Institute. Part 2 will offer some ministry training and introduce you to the other programs offered through Christian Leaders Institute.

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost college degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.