Mission South Africa - Thembelihle Grasia Keele

Mission South Africa: Thembelihle believes in the cause for mission South Africa. She start by sharing about the tremendous need for mission South Africa.

“Greetings brethren in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus christ Amen. My name Thembelihle Grasia Keele, I’m born in South Africa and also staying in South Africa. God has blessed this country because we do have a political stability. This does not mean that christians are immune from persecution and challenges.”

Thembelihle sees the desperate need for salvation in her country. She continues by sharing some specific challenges mission South Africa faces.

“The reason i’m saying this is because we live in the country were gays and lesbians marriage is legalized and abortion its is also legalized, these pose a serious thread to the christian community. These challenges makes us preachers of the gospel to continue Proclaiming the good news of salvation. There are also social challenges facing the country such as HIV and AIDS and many families are poverty stricken, our country lacks political will from the government in recommending abstinence as only reliable method from being infected rather than preaching CONDOMS as the solution. The issue of sex before marriage its very vital for young people and the principle of one husband one wife.

Mission South Africa needs people like Thembelihle.  She shared some very real challenges in her country. She continues by sharing her testimony for mission South Africa.

“It was 1996 when I dedicated my life to Jesus, The scripture was read John 3:16 then i decided to offer my life to him. I did a very noble act I believed in my heart and confesses with my heart that Jesus Christ is the lord as Roman 10:9 says.”

Thembelihle shares her ministry dream for mission South Africa.

“I’m married to Reverend Thabo Jacob Keele, together we have established a church in Boipatong, by the name of HIGH PRAISE COVENANT that is where we serve God. My dream is to make other people disciples salvation was not limited to me and my family alone but to fulfill the great commandments as per Matthew 28:19-20. I also want to support my husband in his vision and calling for we are preaching on the open airs.”

A scholarship is of critical importance for Thembelihle to succeeded with mission South Africa.

“If i can be awarded this scholarship by CHRISTIAN LEADERS INSTITUTE, I will be glad because i know that spiritualy i’m going to gro through their lessons and I will also be able to transfere whatever knowledge I gained to my congrats. In advancing Theological Diloma with CLI then i know that I will gain a recognition amongst other ministers since currently i’m just preaching with no formal Theological qualifications due to non affordability of funs.”

Thembelihle closes by asking for prayer with mission South Africa.

My prayer request is that may the Lord touch people like you, those who have money to continue sponsoring CHRISTIAN LEADERS INSTITUTE through donation that will enable people like me to access this teachings free of charge. My prayer is that we aimed to reach 20000 souls by 2014 for Christ, and we are in need of a Tent we believe and trust that God will make a way. God bless you Amen.

Thembelihle has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. She continues to expand her education for Mission South Africa thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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