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Mission India – Mr Vinay Shivtare is age 40 years and lives in a small town in Virar which is in Maharashtra state. Mission India is done in a largely a Hindu country and people follow Hinduism as their religion and believe in idol worship. Vinay was called to ministry.

Vinay tells his story,  “I had been born and brought up in a Hindu family.  My mother was a believer and follower of Christianity. My Father also had a second wife, a Hindu woman and he used to take me and my brothers to Hindu temples and make us worship idols. Sometimes I used to go in church secretly with my mother.  As this continued I became aware of the conflict between both religions. Christianity is about a loving God who sent his son into the world to save the world. It is about the work of the Holy Spirit. Hindu is about rituals and fear.

Finally there was a conflict over this between my father and mother.  My father forced me to perform all Hindu rituals.  It was a difficult situation, as days passed I was very much depressed and disturbed due to continuing quarreling, fighting and abusing between my mother and father.  My father was addicted to alcohol and was in financial crisis due to two marriages and many children.

My family was totally disturbed there was no love and affection given to our family. I became violent and arrogant; I was developing a criminal mind. But at this time, the Lord Jesus saved me and brought me a Christian girl who came into my life.  God lifted me up from this situation.  I was resurrected in spirit.  She gave me comfort with the help of scriptures from Bible.   I was baptized and married this girl (Nutan).  Today I have two kids and we are a happy Christian family, serving the Lord.

Mission India Calling

The mission India dream of my ministry “is to spread the Gospel and comfort people, the believers and unbelievers, who are facing problems in life like myself and who are away from the kingdom of the Lord Jesus.  I can give my testimony of how the Lord Jesus changed my life and helped and guide me through my wife to overcome all my problems and lifted me up and assured me a glorious life.  I want to preach the Gospel to the unbelievers.

Christian Leaders Institute will help me to acquire the training I need so that I can become a Pastor and a good preacher of the Lord Jesus. Christian Leaders Institute will guide me to make my mission India dreams come true. This is especially true because I cannot relocate for training and I have not extra money. Your training is a God send to me!

Thank you!”

Vinay Shivtare.

Vinay has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to advance his training to preach the gospel thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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