Are you interested in the Ministry Training Network?

Are you a called Christian? That is a Christian called to serve the Lord. Therefore, you are a Christian leader! You are a minister who may be a volunteer, part-time, or full-time.

Any newly called Christian leader needs ministry training. Any existing Christian leader needs continued ministry training.

2 Timothy 2:15 Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

Christian Leaders Ministries welcomes and connects new and existing Christian leaders in this Ministry Training Network, including Ministry Learning, Courses, and Credentials.

Ministry Learning

Christian leaders and ministers are to cultivate their minds for more ministry training. It is often done by reading books, mentor relationships, Internet searches, and social media connections. Ministry learning is lifelong informal learning that Christian leaders find interesting and needed.

This Ministry Training Network has added the Christian Leaders Network as a ministry learning social media network.

Ministry Peer Learning – The Christian Leaders Network is a social media network for Christian leaders who want to meet and learn from other Christian leaders worldwide. Informal peer learning is the primary goal. It is not a forum for promoting ministry or fundraising.

Faculty- and Staff-Led Learning – The Christian Leaders Network includes faculty, staff, and volunteers who post ministry-related content that brings informal ministry learning to call Christian leaders and ministers.

Faculty-Led Group Learning (Clubs) – The core faculty and staff at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School lead clubs that explore many ministry learning areas.

Ministry Topic Learning Groups – Groups are being formed to connect Christian leaders with topics that inspire and inform ministry learning.

Geographic Learning Connection Groups – As the Christian Leaders Network expands, Christain Leaders Alliance volunteers will host local regional groups. For instance, Canada has a group of ministers who live in Canada. Local leaders learn from each other.

This network is not a typical social media. This is Koinonia (Social) Media Network that seeks to be a ministry learning network and environment.

Christian leaders may join the Christian Leaders Network to learn and grow as leaders. Click here to set up your Ministry Learning account.

College Courses

Christian Leaders Institute connects you to the courses of CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. You can apply for a study scholarship that makes your studies accessible to you for free. You will have access to written materials, lectures, quizzes, and other assignments.

Your Study Scholarship covers over 100 Biblically-based courses, including Bible/Theological, Ministry, General Education, and Enterprise/Business.  This ministry training supports bi-vocational and vocational ministers. These classes are to give you more confidence and competency in your calling! These Ministry Training Network courses are accredited faculty-led and developed. Click here to set up your student account.

Ministry Credentials

Ministry Credentials are essential for Christian leaders. Credentials give you credibility and ministry readiness recognition. Christian Leaders Ministries created this Ministry Training Network to provide more opportunities for Christian leaders and ministers’ credentials. Depending on your calling and local setting, you may need College Credentials, Adult Education Credentials, and Credibility Credentials.

College Credentials

Your courses are connected to the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School program. Christain Leaders College offers Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees in a wide variety of college-level credentials. There are low fees that support an accreditation process. Many who are seeking full-time or part-time positions seek college credentials. However, we have noticed that many bi-vocational (volunteer ministers) are also seeking college credentials.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has been accepted into applicant status with the ABHE. The ABHE grants accreditation stature to college programs. See Applicant Status Link.

If you need a college credential for master-level study, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has accredited partners who will accept CLI’s Leadership Excellence School credentials into their programs.

Sample Partners

Ohio Christian University – Offering Ministry and other fields such as Business and Education Masters.

Kairos Group – Includes Sioux Falls Seminary, Evangelical Seminary, Taylor Seminary, and BLI School of Ministry. The Kairos group of schools offers accredited degrees in Ministry, Divinity, Counselling, and Chaplaincy.

More partners welcome CLI’s Leadership Excellence School students to apply, such as Calvin Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, and Northern Seminary.

Adult Education Credentials

You are connected to Adult Education Credentials through the Christian Leaders Institute. Most students in this Ministry Training Network are interested in Adult Education Credentials. After you gain your study scholarship you can earn a large variety of awards. You print out your award at no charge after you complete the course. Official Earned Awards can be ordered and sent to you for a small fee.

The Adult Education Credentials offered at the Christian Leaders Institute are accepted at the Christian Leaders Alliance for Life Coach Minister and Clergy Credibility.

Ministry Credibility Credentials

The Christian Leaders Alliance is the Ministry Credibility Credential arm for the volunteer, part-time, or full-time minister who needs third-party verified clergy licensing and ordination. The early Christian Church recognized minister status through the appointment of ministers in Acts 6. Even Phoebe the letter carrier of the Book of Roman was recognized as a Christian leader.

Romans 16:1   I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deacon of the church in Cenchreae.

The Christian Leaders Alliance Network has ministers from all over the world. The study scholarship training courses offered are recognized as meeting training requirements. The minister candidate must receive local recommendations and commission into ministry. There are many clergy roles available.

Ministry Training Network Mission

We are seeking to mobilize more ministers and Christian leaders to spread Christianity. We invite you to join this ministry training network for Ministry Training, Courses, and Credentials.