Ministry calling: Chrison Feliciano

Ministry Calling: Chrision Felicano has a Ministry Calling in his life. Chrison comes from a family that has experience a Ministry Calling. He starts by talking about his journey and Ministry Calling.

“I’m Chrison S. Feliciano, 22 years of age from the Philippines. Basically, I grew up attending an independent evangelical methodist church. It’s the first self-supporting church in our country since 1909. Having no support from foreign missionaries, it’s financially unstable. By the way it looks, it’s really tough being a Pastor. Some of my uncles are Pastors and I know what they’ve been through just to meet the needs of their family. Some sell coconut juice, some do cleaning jobs, and some I know work as an assistant to the bus driver. That’s the reason why I’m having doubts as a kid in entering the ministry. It’s my fault to have a “bad-eye” on those things. I wasn’t able to see beyond their sacrifices. It’s really their joy everytime they do the will of God. Financially, they don’t have much here on earth, but in heaven they sure do.”

Ministry Calling from his youth

“Growing up, I spent most of my weekends at church. So it’s more of like an extension playground for me back then. Every Summer, I used to attend our church’s DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School). It’s a week-long event that I’m always looking forward to each year, and also where a graduation ceremony is held at the end of the week. I felt so blessed receiving awards from our “mini” and “short-coursed” Bible school which also gives me thousand-fold happiness compared to having an award from my alma mater.”
As a child, Chrison has different plans and avoided Ministry Calling.
“As a kid, I always dreamt of becoming a physician. And there’s this particular moment of my life that really etched my heart. If asked of my aspiration when I grow up, I used to answer people with head held high that I want to be a doctor. But while attending Sunday school class, our deaconess asked me the same question and I replied, “Of course, I want to be a doctor! Oh wait, and a PASTOR as well at the same time.” I didn’t know what happened to me but it just came out of my mouth, so I just shrugged off the idea.”
As Chrison got older, he felt a strong Ministry Calling.
“Yet during my teenage years, I felt the presence of God working within me. Later, I became a Cell group Leader. I was always asked “Do you want to be a Pastor?” And my response would usually be no because I know how hard it is financially to be a Pastor here in our country. However, whenever I say “no,” there’s something pushing me to answer “yes”.”

Chrison had to be sure it was a true Ministry Calling.

“One day, I talked to God and asked Him if we can have a deal. Here’s the  catch then, I asked “Lord, if 5 people will tell me to serve you by being in the ministry, then I’ll do it. “Eventually,  years passed and I lost count of how many times I heard them persuading me to be in the ministry. They grew from 5 persons then the number doubled and so on and so forth.”
His Father made a compelling example for a Ministry Calling.
“On July 12, 2008, my Dad died of brain tumor which caused me to be extremely devastated. We had a simple, happy, and contented family with God at the center. I asked God of why He let this happen. At the back of mind, I thought I’m doing my best to follow and serve Him yet He allowed this to happen to me. I felt completely heartbroken and cheated. I even became mad at God! I saw how my dad reads the Bible every single day and how he shares the Word with our neighbors through His life. He would always tell me that it’s not how many Bible verses or stories you know that matter; it’s how you apply it in your everyday life; it’s how you surrender to the sovereignty of God’s authority.”

Chrison felt dispair about his ministry Calling at first.

“Through these trying times, I kept on praying to God but I wasn’t able to hear anything from Him. I dug deeper to His word and finally found comfort and unexplainable joy. I felt complete again realizing that God took my earthly dad because I’m focusing too much of my attention on him. Instead, God wanted me to focus on my eternal Heavenly DAD.”
Chrison is joyful in sharing his Ministry Calling.
“So I did start speaking and preaching the Gospel with my fellow youths inside and outside of the church which enabled me to strengthen my faith immeasurably. And being part of the music ministry, every opportunity that I’m able to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through music or preaching satisfies my soul, and quenches my thirst of making Jesus smile. My dream is to have a ministry focusing on the younger generation and reaching them through music. I want to have a deeper connection with the Lord. Walking side by side with Him every single day of my life.”
With his Ministry calling and training, he will share the word to anyone who will listen.
“If ever given a chance, having a scholarship from CLI will help me abundantly to fulfill my calling without giving my family a financial burden. I’ll be able to share the Gospel with boldness because I know for a fact that God loves me so much and I’ll be well-equipped with the help of your institution. I appreciate your prayers as I turn another chapter of my life being in the ministry. With God’s grace and mercy, I know I can make it through because I’m serving an unlimited God. Nothing is impossible for Him!”

Chrison has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to pursue his Ministry Calling and education thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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