Ministry and Bible Study

My name is Scott Conley of the USA. I have found my way to Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here) by asking God to guide me towards my purpose. I am excited to get Ministry and Bible Study at CLI!

My Beginnings

When I was very young, I was very God-conscious. I went to a Catholic church every Sunday. It was not a choice but was enforced by my father. My father passed when I was only 14. Church going stopped, and I was being raised in a dangerous neighborhood. Many of my friends became those lost souls who sold and used drugs, gang members, and other tough individuals. I was able to stay faithful to God but knew nothing about Him. I just knew He was there.

My Rebirth: Out of Darkness to Light

In 2009, I fell deep into drug addiction. Slowly, I lost all hope and faith as I separated from God, myself, and everything. I became homeless, only living to die. From then until 2020, I was in jail/prison several times. I thank God for the last time I was arrested. I found myself with a cellmate who was a pastor. How about that?? He told me that NOW is my time. He believed this came from the Holy Spirit. I knew he was correct.

I can truly say that my whole life, I have known God would call on me. Even since a very young child. Now I am finally ready to receive His call. I am 44. God has helped me stop using drugs, and I know I will never return to that life. So many friends of mine, over 20, died from the life of addiction. Some of them, over 7 or 8, and my closest friend, Lori, were murdered. I look around, and all my friends are gone. So I am alone in some ways.

I had nothing. Nothing material or spiritual. And from a place of having “Nothing,” God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, has begun to rebuild my foundation anew. So now I have “Something,” which says I have meaning, purpose, and hope.

CLI for Ministry and Bible Study

I have no home, currently, no money, absolutely zero. But I am rich… rich in the love of God. HE will provide. That’s right. I am homeless, penniless, cannot work at this time, and need surgery on my hand. But I have a very close relationship with God!! Out of the darkness comes the light from nothing to something: Eternal life. God has taken away my fear and led me here to CLI!!!

I am most interested in the ministry and ordination courses and opening a 501.3 (C) if God wills. Newly reborn, I’m in recovery. Praise Jesus! So I am really interested in all CLI has to offer. No more dope, only hope.

While not being terribly specific, my goal is to follow God’s path for me wherever that may take me. In my mind, I feel drawn towards ministry or perhaps becoming a pastor. However, I will let God choose for me exactly where I head. I have managerial experience and great team-building skills. I started my own business and have developed websites and done some online marketing. With God, there is no limit!. Thank you to CLI, for the opportunity for ministry and Bible Study! Thank you, Lord Jesus, Father God, and Holy Spirit.

God bless all the students here! We are on a great journey together!! Thank you, Professor Reyenga. I love you, sir.