Meet the Christian Leaders Institute Team

The free Christian Leaders classes at Christian Leaders Institute have resulted in the spread of Christianity throughout the world.  The CLI team consists of volunteers, part-time and full-time Christian leaders who are making a big difference. This team includes board members, faculty members, staff members, and volunteers.

Each Christian Leader team member matters! The team includes Christian Leaders Institute graduates who volunteer their time and talents to assist others in their educational journey. Many volunteers have come forward.

Volunteer ordained mentor ministers have come forward to help CLI graduates become ordained in their local areas. Other volunteers have participated through prayer or encouragement in the Christian Leaders Network.

Many other projects such as senior Christian leaders, student services, content services, and many more roles are being developed. Abby Reyenga-Dominiak is recruiting even more volunteers for the team.

This team also has part-time and full-time Christian Leaders. Together, these Christian Leaders are spreading globally to raise up more leaders for Christ.