Life Coaching Program

Recognizing the Goodness of God

I have a dog and a cat and I live in the beautiful North Carolina mountains. Currently, I work in the public education system after many years of working in the non-profit world where most of my time was spent as a mediator conducting victim-offender mediations. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice a few years ago at UNC-Pembroke. My older brother is a pastor, and he recently told me about Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here). Intrigued, I am now here pursuing this awesome biblical education opportunity. I am so grateful I can participate in it. Next, I will study the Life Coaching program, which I am also very excited about.

Learning What Matters

The youngest of five children, I grew up in a strong Christian family. I learned about Jesus Christ at an early age in the Baptist church. The church taught me how important it was to avoid hell’s fire and brimstone. I asked Jesus into my heart at age 9. However, it took many years to realize that salvation is not the finish line. It is the starting point. I first heard that in my pastor’s message at a non-denominational church that I still attend more than a decade later.

At times in my life, I made poor decisions or took a different path than what God intended for me. As experience usually teaches us, that only led to regrets. I can also confidently say that I have never regretted keeping God first. I believe that when we put Him first, everything else will fall into place. Still, I am learning how important our Christian walk is and am passionate that others also catch that there is more to being a Christian than escaping hell. It is a walk of love motivated by Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit. We are to win others to Him.

Future Hopes and Dreams

As I truly enjoy my walk with God, I will see the desires of my heart revealed. I hope to serve as a Life Coach in some capacity that matches up with some of my gifts. Eventually, I hope to be part of a ministry that facilitates reconciliation and collaboration for ministries that are active in Native American outreach. I have been blessed to spend a lot of time serving on the Pine Ridge and Navajo Reservations. I plan to continue that and also help those full-time ministries be more supported so that they could work closer with their neighboring ministries.

The Life Coaching program at CLI will equip me in so many ways. At this point in my life, many of the other Christian Life Coaching programs are so pricey that it is not something I could pursue. I am thankful that the Christian Leaders program is available in a way that is affordable and a blessing.

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