Legitimate Ordained Minister 

There are many websites that list you immediately ordained. Then you can buy the official paperwork. Many wonder whether it is legitimate. Why are these types of websites questioned?

First, these sites offer an immediate ordination. An ordination is a form of credibility. If someone is ordained, traditionally, it is believed that they have participated in a credible process of ministry training, recommendations from others, and local commissioning.

Second, from a Christian historical perspective, most of these sites require no doctrinal or scriptural agreement. You can believe there is no God and still be ordained.

Check out the Christian Leaders Institute training and ordaining process.

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Rob Fairless was ordained as a minster through the process provided at Christian Leaders Institute. Read his powerful story.

My name is Rob Fairless, and I live in Southern Illinois along with my wife of 10 years Amber and my two daughters Kennedi and Emeri. I currently host “The 25th Hour Radio Show” which airs on Monster Radio AM1150. I came from a family who has always been involved in the church, but for some reason or the other, I chose a different path.

Long story short I ended up with a felony drug conviction at the age of 28. Because of my family’s love for me, they were willing and able to arrange Pastor Joey Dunning of the Karnak Methodist Church to visit me while I was incarcerated. After talking with Pastor Dunning a while, I asked Christ to enter my life over a phone through a clear glass window while inside the McCracken County Jail in Paducah, Ky. The day I was saved Pastor Joey brought me a study bible to read.  More inmates were asking for Bibles like mine. I think I was able to get around ten brand new study Bible’s brought in to the jail donated by the Karnak Methodist Church.

In jail, I attempted to entertain myself and the surrounding “Pods” by speaking through my cell air duct at night and conducting a nightly “radio show.” I would interview other inmates from other cells and try to make everyone forget where we were. Everyone seemed to enjoy that and so did I. The “radio show” might not seem relevant but I promise it ties in. Five years after I got out of jail I met my wife, Amber. I knew she was the one for me within just a few days of being with her.

After a few years of marriage, we were troubled by the fact that we both had issues that were keeping us from having children. We went to fertility clinics and traveled all over to get advice on what we could do to help us start a family. I was told I could have a surgery that “might” help but there were no guarantees. I had the surgery, but we still couldn’t get pregnant no matter how hard we tried.

Now I do want to mention that even though I was saved in jail, I never committed to a local church after I was released. I just figured if I did my best to live right I would do alright with God. So here I was married to a wonderful woman but feeling worthless as a man because I couldn’t give her the most precious of life’s gifts, a child.

One day out of the blue my sister (who is a devout Christian) called me and invited me to her church because they had a guest pastor from Africa speaking there. So there I was in this foreign place called “Church” with my sister and her family as well as my Mom and step-dad. A few minutes into the service this pastor starts speaking about someone who had trouble having children. All the thoughts of me being a worthless husband came flooding over me like a tidal wave. I started praying to God asking if it was fair of me to remain married to my wife if by doing so would strip her of what life is all about. I can’t explain in words what happened next…I just started crying and couldn’t stop. The more I fought it, the more it overwhelmed me. To be honest, I think I freaked out my Mom a little who was sitting beside me because she NEVER saw me this way…and guess what….I was freaked out too. It was my first experience with the Holy Spirit. I was so embarrassed because I knew everyone was looking at me wondering what was up with the new guy in church. After about five minutes I was able to gain my composure.

As soon as church let out I was out the door as quick as my feet could carry me. I went home and never spoke a word about that to anyone. Well, long story short my wife sent me a photo of four pregnancy tests showing positive results a few weeks later. When we went to the doctor, the tests revealed we got pregnant the week I went to that church. God healed me and gave us a child. No doubt about it. Oh and remember that “radio show” I did back when I was in jail?

About the time my first daughter was born, I started an on-line talk show just as something to do. I don’t know why I did it really, I just did. I don’t have any journalism training….heck I’m a college dropout. Now here we are five years later, and I have one of the top celebrity/notable name radio shows in the five state region. I want to use that position to help spread the word about salvation. I know God is real and he has a specific purpose for me. I believe he sent his son Jesus to die for my sins and because of his ultimate sacrifice, I will live in paradise for eternity. I think it’s about time I repay the gifts he’s given me and uses those gifts to help spread The Good News.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head on how to help others who are in a similar situations like I was in. I know if God can show ME grace and help to turn MY life around HE can do that for anyone. I just feel compelled to take this training like I’m being guided by his hand. It’s that simple. I’m taking this one day at a time and letting HIS will be done.

Legitimate Ordained Minister – Join CLI and Get Your Scholarship for Ministry Training

Having the opportunity to learn from Christian Leaders Institute free of charge and become a Legitimate Ordained Minister is an amazing thing.  I’ve lived on the edge my whole life. I could have easily been spending my days behind bars or perhaps dead. There’s a reason why I’m still here being blessed with a wonderful family and being able to do the things I love to do. That reason is without question the forgiveness of God. I know the Christian Leaders Institute Deacon Minister Ordination will help to strengthen my resolve in serving God the way he has always planned for me to do. In the short term, I will continue my education with CLI, become a Vision Partner, work towards my Diploma of Ministry, and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as I can.