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More of You and Less of Me, Lord!

My name is Judith Diakanyo from South Africa. I am excited to be part of the Christian Leaders Institute to learn more about God’s Word (Learn more about online free Bible courses, Click Here). Currently, I am serving in the kingdom of God as an intercessor. Also, my husband and I do outreach programs often sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ amongst the homeless in our neighborhood.

I am looking forward to connecting with fellow CLI students in my area. The course on connections has encouraged me to be part of the CLI networks in my area. I will update my experiences once I have made contact with the CLI network in South Africa.

My Journey

Let me share a bit of my upbringing with you. I grew up in a quiet neighborhood. My mother was a domestic worker, and I stayed with her and my dad at the servant’s quarters. Staying on my mother’s employer’s property was fun. So, I had lots of fun spending most of my time outdoors playing as a child.

My childhood plays a critical role in my walk with God. I met a friend who came from a God-fearing family. She invited me to attend the home cell at her house every Tuesday. This amazing family would fetch me every Sunday, and I went to Little Falls Christian Centre with them. At 14, I gave my life to Jesus.

I came to know the Lord and feel His love amid my flaws as a human being. Peer pressure influenced me in my late teen years, and I made some hectic hiccups. I had a few near-death experiences due to my negligence, but GOD always came through to save me.

Jesus saw me through it all and remained good to me even though I did not deserve it. As a result, I love Christ with everything that is within me! I have learned to shift my focus from being a people pleaser to being a Jesus Lover because HE first loved me.

My Ministry Dream

I dream to share the Love of God with those that the world has rejected and with those that are seeking love in the wrong places. I want people to know how deeply God loves them and longs to have an intimate relationship with them. God has created a desire in my heart to minister to refugees. I always imagine myself sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ at harbors as refugees enter a new country. My prayer is to introduce them to the only refuge, Jesus Christ.

Therefore, I have come to CLI to have an even greater relationship with God through intense study of His Word. I want to know God more. I also want to learn more about the Bible and the Kingdom of God free online at CLI. Then, I can be a good steward in my Father’s Kingdom. If I can achieve the above, it will be a good start to being equipped to walk well in God’s purpose for my life.

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