Learn the Bible and Ministry

I am a single mother of four beautiful girls and have an extra special addition to our family – my nephew, whom I took in after his mom died five years ago. We live in a little corner of Vermont. So I am excited to learn the Bible and ministry train at the Christian Leaders Institute.

I have training in the medical field. However, after my third child, when I was 31, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. I knew it was not gonna be easy, and it has not been. BUT, it has been the most wonderful, painful, joyful journey.

My Calling

As a child, I was always drawn to helping people through charities, donations, etc.  As I got older, I was drawn to a more spiritual path. I knew I was a healer of some kind, hence the medical training. But it was more than that. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I did know that my life experiences and hardships were my credentials to help others who have gone through the same thing, especially as a single mom.

Recently, I was in my bedroom crying and praying to Jesus for help with my two youngest kids, with whom I am going through some tough trials. I was feeling like a failure as a parent and just lost beyond lost. Then I heard “Ordained Minister.” So I went to the computer, and I got ordained… Well, then I heard a voice loud and clear say to me, “Amy Lynne, that is not what I meant.” So then, God led me to learn the Bible and ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute.

I am not sure what exact path the Lord will send me down, but He wants me to do this now. So I trust the Lord will show me what He wants me to do with this training and education. I will update this as I am shown all the wonderful plans the Lord lays out for me.