Leadership Classes

Hello, my name is David Rohr, and I am taking leadership classes at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

God has called my wife and me to reach the Latvian people for him. I am married to the love of my life and my ministry partner. We have three grandchildren. We are missionaries from the United States. Our goal is to plant churches in the country that are self-supporting, self-governing, sending out and supporting their own missionaries. In addition, we want to plant and teach indigenous church planting principles to the churches we start.

My Spiritual Journey

I accepted Christ at the age of 16. God was working in my heart, so I went to church when invited by my oldest brother. After a few months of attending church, I realized I was lost and needed Christ to save me. So I asked him to save me. My greatest obstacle for spiritual growth comes when I decide to do it my way instead of God’s way.

I worked for several years in Russia as a missionary helper. While living in America, I stayed extended periods of time in the country of Russia. Finally, God called my wife and me to full-time ministry. We prayed to ask where He wanted us to go. God lead us to Latvia. I completed a Bible college online but felt I lacked the leadership skills needed to be a church planter.

Our Mission and Leadership Classes at CLI 

My wife and I just moved to the country and the city God called us to minister in. We are in the process of settling in and building relationships with the people. We will start language school soon so we can communicate the gospel in their native language.

Taking leadership classes at Christian Leaders Institute allows me to be where I am called and continue my education. Since I need more training for God’s calling, CLI is an answer to prayer.

We will be starting a new church. We face the biggest challenge of finding people willing to hear the gospel, respond to the message, and join the new church. With a new church, the challenge is finding a place to meet. We will offer discipleship classes so the new believers can grow in Christ. Another challenge will be to get them to rely on Christ and not on the American dollar or the American missionary.

My Spiritual Dream

We want to plant churches that thrive in the Latvian culture. We also want to plant 30 churches in Europe in the next 20 years. In addition, we hope to train nationals as pastors and missionaries. Further, we will work with the international students at the university to reach family and friends in their home countries for Christ. We hope these students will hear the call from God to go home and plant churches in their countries.

My ministry dream is to see churches planted in Latvia. Latvians will lead these churches sent out by Latvian churches and supported by these churches with no American financial support. I pray that God raises up leaders with a passion for the Latvian people to reach Latvia and the world for Christ through their churches and finances.