Knowledge of God and the Bible

My name is Moraga Peter Hlongwane. I am 45 years old and live in South Africa in Gauteng Province. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute for more knowledge of God and the Bible (Learn more about free Bible and ministry classes online, Click Here).

The Beginning of My Journey

Born in Limpopo Province, my mother was a Christian. So I grew up in church. When she married, she moved to a different city from where she grew up, and their culture and language were different. I lived with my mother and father in that city until I was in grade 8. At that time, conflicts started in their marriage, and my mother sent me to stay with my granny.

This affected my spiritual life because I was used to attending church. In fact, most of my time would be at church. However, in my granny’s area, there were no Christian churches. Therefore, I lost touch with my Christian life. As conflicts escalated in my mother’s marriage, I discovered that the man I considered and called my father was actually not my biological father. That broke me. Considering that my spiritual life was weak since I couldn’t fellowship anymore, I backslid and got involved with bad friends.

Finding Jesus

I came to Gauteng Province in South Africa looking for a job. I got a job as a security officer. While there, I also pursued my passion for music and acting. I joined a Performance Arts school where I met a young man who ministered Christ to my life. He encouraged me to come back to God. That stirred the hunger and thirst for God in my life again.

One Sunday, I woke up and dressed for church. I walked around town looking for a church. As I walked, I heard people singing. So, I went in, fellowshipped with them, and on that day, I received Jesus Christ as my Savior. My life has never been the same! I went home feeling the joy of the Lord! It was what I desired when I was going through the rejection of being sent to stay with my granny while my mom and other siblings stayed with her husband. It left me broken, without hope, lonely, and with no direction. However, since the day Jesus came into my life, He restored my hope and joy.

Ministering and Studying at CLI

Today I am a South African Police Officer, married, and blessed with a son. I have determination, goals, dreams, and direction. I started ministering on the train and joined a bus and train ministry as I couldn’t keep quiet about what the Lord has done for me. Furthermore, I went to parks on weekends to preach and my passion for God kept growing.

Then, I enrolled at a college and obtained my Theology degree. While doing my research, I came across the Christian Leaders Institute which taught me so much. From the very first course, CLI hooked me. The material is packed, well packaged, and interesting. Since I started studying, there is no stopping. I look forward to learning and growing in the knowledge of God and the Bible to be a better pastor. God has called me to start a ministry. I want to be equipped with valuable knowledge of God and the Bible. Then, I will be prepared for the Lord’s work because I strongly believe knowledge is power! Thank you, CLI!

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