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I was born in the United States in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1977. I currently reside in Texas and have been a resident in Texas for over 25 years. I am the youngest of 7 children and my parents were married and shared the faith of God but on different levels. My mother was a very strong willed, faith filled woman of God who evangelized everywhere she went. There was no one beyond the scope of hearing her testimony and her attempt to bring them to God. I was raised in a Baptist environment and was baptized at an early age without really knowing what Baptism meant. We attended church every time the church doors opened, so God was planted deep in me before I even knew who God was.

My mother died when I was 15, and I strayed away from church and God. I always knew God was there, but didn’t have the mind nor will to live for Him. I began to live a very rebellious life that was very displeasing to God. I felt abandoned and alone because of my mom’s death and didn’t have the heart to care about anyone or anything. In 1995, I had my first child that I strongly believe was an angel sent to sit me down and to bring me back to God. For the next three years, I had children. As of now, my children are 16, 17, 18 & 19.

By having kids at such a vital and young age, I was forced to sit still and raise them. I continued to live a life of sin although I did spend more time with God. So, through the years I would read a verse out of the Bible here and there, for the most part, the Bible sat under my coffee table collecting dust. My only prayer life was a ritual night time prayer or prayer on the go and only when I needed something. After my mom had died, I attended church maybe three times in 10 years. I acknowledged God, but I was still on the throne of my heart.

As I got older, I began to move back toward God, but at a very slow pace. About 5 years ago, I called on God and as if He never left my side (which He didn’t, I moved away from Him), He rushed in to save me as a Prince on a Stallion coming and swooping me up. This was when the renewing of my mind began. God delivered me from smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, gluttony & a detrimental relationship. I then began to make a valiant effort to seek God. I began attending church…not regularly however. I began to watch Christian Television. I began to pray more. But I still had fleshly desires, and I would sometimes succumb to them.

I lived a life “Straddling the Fence” and the harder I tried to live for God, the enemy would attack that much harder. In August 2014, I was as broken as I could ever be. I was tired. I no longer had the strength to continue the fight. So broken, I humbly went to God and submitted to Him entirely. I allowed Him to take control and from that point up until now, it’s been a swift, turn of events. I like to call it my “Twister”. God took my entire life past & present and took us for an erratic spin in a twister. Everything unclean & unstable was thrown out and when He sat me back down, I was relocated exactly where I was supposed to be in that time in my life, with a renewed mind and a hunger and thirst like no other.

I am now a bold Christian disciple with a mighty story to tell and a service to do. God has clearly called me to be a leader. Not only through divine opportunity, but He sends work my way, and I joyfully oblige. Over the last year, God has non-stopped shown His love, power & signs of what I am called to do which is lead. I am still waiting for the specific group because my passion is with youth, but God has been sending me Women of God who have fallen off track and need help getting reconnected with God. At any rate, I am happy to do whatever service He has for me to do. My ministry dream is to become a leader with signs following and operating under the gifts of God as a disciple to teach the Word of God and how to become like Him and pleasing to Him to any ear that will hear.

On Wednesday night, August 26th after church, I was checking my email and came across an email about taking Christian classes, and this has crossed my mind before, but I couldn’t fit it in my budget. I went ahead and clicked on the link, because as I know how God works in my life, it was very enlightening to my eyes & heart. When I followed the link it was a paying school, but the Holy Ghost spoke to my heart to “google” Christian classes for free and glory be to God, I was lead to Christian Learning Institute. This was only a week and three days ago. I am so hungry that I began that night, and I just completed the course by testing out of the “Christian Basics Course” with a 96% on the exam.

I am boasting, but only in the Lord, because He has truly called and designated me for a work, and He has been doing a steady, powerful refining process on my spirit. This intense journey began only a year ago, and all the knowledge that I needed to pass that test was instilled in me during this one year. I’m overjoyed how God is working in my life and making me a servant for Him and for others.

Since God has called me, I want to make sure that I am knowledgeable about His Word. This is why a scholarship at Christian Learning Institute would be a valuable resource in my journey, my walk with God and my pursuing of His purpose in my life. A scholarship at CLI will give me the opportunity to gain the knowledge that I need to help spread the gospel and help bring sheep to our Herder. I am so pleased to have this opportunity. I am a Learner. I am a Leader, and I will never be able to repay God for what He has done for me, but I sure can do His service.
I would love prayer for strength and continued hunger to seek God and His truth. Prayers that despite the enemy’s’ attack, the ministry will remain prosperous in bringing souls to God. Prayers that I remain humble and mindful that God is my source. Prayers that only pureness and righteousness flows from me to others through the Holy Ghost. Prayers that the Holy Ghost continues to abide in me, lead me and guide me to answer God’s calling. Prayers that every resource that was a blessing to me in my journey will be repaid in due blessings many folds, namely Christian Learning Institute.

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