Our funding projects need your help!

Christian Leaders Institute has several funding projects we need your help with. We are always funding projectsattempting to improve the way we beam High-Quality Free Ministry Training all over the world! So far CLI has had almost 10,000 graduates. We have experienced amazing growth since we launched online classes in 2006 and we are not looking to slow down anytime soon. Our funding projects need your help! We have many projects in the works and with your financial assistance, we can take CLI to the next level! Funding projects such as fully translating all our classes to the top languages of the world. If it is in your heart to help financially or as a volunteer, please read through each of our projects. If you have prayed and believe God wants you to be a part of any of them, click on the appropriate links. You will take part in the world-wide story of turning everyday regular people all over the world into leaders for Christ!

The Spanish funding project is a massive body of work. We require manpower and finances to translate all of our classes to the second largest native speaking language in the world!