Free Ministry Training Online

Free Ministry Training Online

My name is Ann Jeanette Ford, and I am excited to take free ministry training online at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Warrington, UK. My mother had relocated my siblings and me to Skelmersdale then back to Warrington for a few years. However, then she moved us to Stoke on Trent and back to Warrington. Warrington is where I live full-time with my husband and children. My childhood was very complicated because I didn’t have loving parents. Both of my parents were divorced, and they favored my little brother. I was christened as a baby, and I went to Sunday school off and on.

As long I can remember, I consistently talked about Jesus Christ and God himself to my family members. Sadly, this witnessing annoyed them quite a bit. Initially, I learned about the Lord in school (RE) and from movies on TV.

When I lost my new-born baby boy sixteen years ago, I felt a comforting presence near me for quite a while. This presence made everything around me, calm and peaceful. I saw a golden light shine across my little boy’s face as he passed away. That was part of my spiritual journey because I knew that God was there for me at the most painful time of my life.

Some nights, I dream about God. He is sending me a message from himself, but I can’t totally make sense of them. After certain events in my life led me to believe God is real, I sought out a Bible education. I hope to use my Christian Leaders Institute free ministry training online to make a big difference in the world for my Lord and Savior. I want to help others to know Jesus and to understand his love for them. Thank you, CLI, for this free ministry training online opportunity!

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