Free Ministry Training Movement

Jesus Christ started a free ministry training movement. Simple. He recruited some men and women and trained them to be love radicals. These love radicals saw first hand the extent of love. Jesus died to save humanity. He rose to bring victory over death! He came to usher in the kingdom of God. He commanded them to preach the gospel.

Luke 9:6  So they set out and went from village to village, preaching the gospel and healing people everywhere.

Jesus started the free ministry training movement. This free ministry training movement continues today. Christian leaders are being trained at CLI! These leaders can earn certificates, diplomas and even a Divinity Diploma. The training is supported by gifts, not tuition.

Called Christian leaders all around the world are participating in this free ministry training movement. Leaders like Brianna Bastin of Melbourne, Australia. Brianna was born in Birmingham, England. She became a Christian in January of 2015 after a friend persuaded her to come to church.

When I initially walked into the church, I could instantly feel the amazing presence of the Holy Spirit. Since, I have experienced an incredible journey that I cannot wait to finish in God’s timing, and all for the Glory of our Saviour.

In Australia, 63% of people call themselves Christians. In Melbourne alone, the population consists of 51% Christians. There are many, many different denominations in Melbourne and so many different cultures. Many don’t believe in the true Gospel.

Free Training Movement To Reach The World

Together with her ministry partner, they have a dream of changing the world.

I dream of building a church and to extend our church family to Third World countries.

I was given a vision of the above task, which gives me motivation and joy to pursue this in God’s will and timing.

I would absolutely love to see myself as a Pastor, getting to know people and building up and teaching church planters, preachers and future pastors all for the glory of God. I find so much joy in working for God and preaching what we know is true, the Gospel. I love bringing people to know God, it is the most incredible feeling knowing somebody has just transformed and come to know our loving God.

Christians in Australia face many challenges when spreading the Word of God. They face the challenge of judgment and rejection. In a country that is diverse, and concentrated with many other religions, it can be difficult to plant the seed of the one true Gospel. Atheism is at a high in Australia, and the confidence they have is quite the challenge to overcome when trying to bring them to God.

Brianna attends a local church in Melbourne called Gateway Family Church. She says that she always finds “encouragement and prayers when I need them. As a church family, they offer me their wisdom and experience to help overcome the challenges when following my Ministry Dream.”

The free ministry training movement is necessary to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Christian leaders. Christian leaders are being called from every walk and situation of life. This training must be free so that every called leader has an opportunity for training.

Brianna puts it this way,

As an extremely low-income earner, the free courses are an incredible way for me to be trained to proclaim the gospel.  I am ready to go anywhere the Lord sends me. I can bring my laptop along with me and complete the course, unlike campus-based courses. Christian Leader’s Institute is set out well, and I adore the concept of this great ministry. My prayer is that I will be confident and readily equipped for my calling and for the challenges God puts in place for me when pursuing my calling. That I will forever walk by his side and spread His word through love and through the Holy Spirit.

This free ministry training movement has spread to over 150 nations. Thousands have completed courses. Students, mission inclined individuals, churches, and foundations are supporting with gifts and offerings. Click here if you would like to make an offering.

The gospel must be preached. Jesus said it.

Matthew 24:14   And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Christian Leaders Institute is making this free ministry training movement a reality for thousands of Christian Leaders.

Would you like to help make this training free?