Free Francis Chan Classes

Take free Francis Chan classes as Christian Leaders Institute partners with Francis Chan to feature his courses that you can take free of charge.

Francis Chan has been a world leader in raising up Christian leaders. His books and materials seek to bring vital Christianity everywhere.

Chan Endorses Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute features the class Multiplying Disciples. This class teaches you how to disciple your neighbor. All you need to do to enroll is finish the Getting Started Connection class, and you are able to immediately enroll in Multiplying Disciples.  More free Francis Chan classes are being added in the future.

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is a ministry of Christian Leaders Ministries.  CLI features generosity-generated classes in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese. The classes at Christian leaders Institute are free of charge supported by vision partners.

Check out college opportunities with the Christian Leaders College. You can take the free classes you complete at Christian Leaders Institute and receive collegiate credentials. Small administration fees apply.

Check out local ordination and global ordination recognition with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Check out the Life Coach Minister certification program where you can use the Francis Chan class “Multiplying Disciples” as a Life Coach Minister specialization.