Expand Knowledge of the Bible

My Christian Journey

My name is Bruce Lane, and I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to expand my knowledge of the Bible (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click Here). I am 75 years old, married for 31 years, with five children and seven grandchildren. I am truly blessed with my life journeys, from growing up with loving parents to serving in the US Navy to earning a BS degree at the University of Maryland. My family did not read the Bible, pray or attend church. I knew there must be more to life. I discovered what when I married a beautiful Christian filled with the Holy Spirit.

Life did not get easier. It seemed there were constant attacks on my wife and me. I learned how to put on the “armor of God” and fight with prayer. One attack, in particular, is a witness to healing. I was drinking coffee early in the morning before work. I felt my left arm go numb. So, I laid down on the floor and called to my wife. I said we needed to go to the hospital a short distance away. She prayed over me. We arrived at the emergency room, and they took an MRI of my head. It showed a significant stroke. I felt no ill effects, got up, and returned home. The doctors said I dodged a bullet. I know better. My wife’s healing prayer had Jesus intervene for my miraculous healing. After eleven years, I am more vital than ever. Praise God!

Why CLI? To Expand My Knowledge of the Bible!

I am currently supporting my wife’s radio ministry. As a technologist, I created and currently maintain her website. I recognize how the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) has used technology to deliver God’s Word professionally and economically for the student.

At this time, I am undecided if there is a type of ministry I want to pursue. However, I see CLI as a valuable tool to help me expand my knowledge of the Bible, God’s Word. Every time I study the Bible, I get new insights to apply to what is going on in my life. With more knowledge coupled with my life experiences, I want to be prepared to help others going through life struggles.

God has blessed me financially. I am called to giving and donate to ministries where I am fed the Word of God. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity!