Dr. Ted Hildebrandt


Gordon College is a leader in providing high quality Christian Liberal Arts education at the college level. Gordon has made resources available on the worldwide web. We partner with Gordon in their desire to glorify God in making ministry training available for those who can not receive residential ministry training.
Dr. Hildebrandt is a world leader in developing high quality materials for the free model of ministry training. Check out resources that he has pioneered at Gordon College.
Gordon Professor Dr. Hildebrandt shares the passion of bringing high quality teaching everywhere. He wrote, “My desire is to make solid biblical studies resources available to anyone who has the desire to learn at anytime and anywhere in the world, especially those who are unable economically or geographically to access such resources.”
Ted Hildebrandt earned his B. A. at Buffalo State University of New York and a M. Div. S.T. M. from Biblical Theological Seminary. He studied for one year at the Jerusalem University College and has a M.A. and a Th. D. in Old Testament from Grace Theological Seminary. Ted taught for over two decades at Grace College, Winona Lake, IN and now for over a decade at Gordon College, Wenham, MA.