Dr. Mark Vander Meer

E-Professor in Domestic Tranquility

Mark Vandermeer

Dr. Mark Vander Meer earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Calvin College and then went on the Earn his Masters in Religious Education from Trinity International University. He also earned his Doctor of Ministry from Bethel University. Dr. Mark Vander Meer currently serves as a Pastor/Executive Director at Community Recovery International. He also is the Associate Pastor at New Community Church, adjunct faculty member of Compass College of Cinematic Arts, and a chair of Healing Communities West Michigan.

Professionally, his life’s vision is to develop leaders and followers of all backgrounds in order to do what they are called to do effectively. Dr. Vander Meer’s motto is, “Love God, love people.” He strives to bless others so that they can bless more. His goals are to continue to build the local community, grow global alliances to advance the Gospel and to build up communities at large, create a restorative mission, teach more on a graduate level and bridge recovering people to God, self and the Community of Faith.

Mark is the founder of Community Recovery International, a non-profit organization that reaches recovering people of all backgrounds locally and overseas. He enjoys leading people to the Lord, reading books, coffee houses, and riding roller coasters with his sons. He is married to his wife Mary and has two sons, Andrew and Nathan.